Shake + Box

Shake + Box

To showcase the interesting ways developers are integrating Box into their applications, we have created a blog series with our customers to highlight their use cases and implementations of the technology. Shake, a mobile first application that allows users to create, sign, and send legally binding agreements in seconds has integrated the Box Content API to enable cloud support for its product. Learn more about the integration in this Q&A with Abe Geiger, CEO of Shake.

Why did you start Shake? What problem were you trying to solve?

We started Shake to make the law accessible, understandable and affordable for consumers and small businesses by combining the simplicity and convenience of a handshake with the protection of a legal agreement. Creating and signing contracts can be a prohibitively confusing and expensive process. We want to make it easier for people to get on the same page quickly and painlessly so they can focus more on fulfilling the terms of the deal, and less time managing contracts.

How has mobile changed the way you built your app?

Taking a mobile-first approach forced us to be very disciplined about simple, intuitive design. Without a full keyboard and a large screen we need to empower users to tailor legal agreements by answering simple questions that don't require extensive typing. Mobile allows us to take full advantage of things like touch screens for signing and cameras for embedding media directly into contracts. We also put a lot of effort into simplifying the language of our free legal templates so they are as concise and plain-English as possible, thus making Shake contracts easier to review and understand on smaller screens.

Tell us about your integration with Box.

Legal agreements are some of the most important documents in our lives. Storing these documents securely and making them accessible anywhere has always been a top priority of ours. Our Box integration allows users to sync their executed agreements with Box, making it even easier to access and share those documents. It was a highly requested feature and a no-brainer for us to implement.

What's next for Shake?

We're really excited about our recently launched web app and Shake Pro, our first premium offering for businesses to use the Shake platform with their own legal templates. Our focus now is on making agreements smarter: using the rich structured data contained in contracts to help businesses follow through on the deals they sign. By definition, contracts outline exactly what is supposed to happen, and when, between two parties. Leveraging this information allows us to provide helpful reminders for things like invoice dates, payment terms, and expiration dates, to ensure that users fulfill their commitments throughout the life of the contract.