The Savvy Assistant: Doing It All, Powered by Box

Next up in our series highlighting the ways Boxers use Box to get work done, Executive Assistants Daryn Kelley and Nicole Salzman show how they use Box to 10x not only their own productivity, but that of the executives they support. 

Executive Assistants do a lot of juggling. Between managing executives' calendars, coordinating travel plans, setting up meetings and filing expenses, Executive Assistants need a rock-solid organization plan to get it all done.

With Box, not only can EAs do it all, but they can also help their executives be more efficient in the process. Box boasts a number of features that can revolutionize the way EAs and executives work.

Calendars: Reduce Email Clutter with Box Notes Shared Task Lists
The email traffic between executives and Executive Assistants to assign tasks, ask questions about those tasks and give status updates on the task creates an inbox build-up that causes stress and reduces productivity. Box Notes is a real-time collaborative notes tool that allows multiple users to contribute ideas simultaneously. By using a shared Box Note as a task list instead of sending multiple emails, both the executive and the EA become more efficient and effective.

Here's how it works:

In the EA/Exec shared folder, the EA can create a Box Note titled "Executive and EA Task List." The executive uses the check box feature in the Box Note to assign tasks to the EA. If the EA has questions, she can write them in a different color below the task. As the EA completes tasks, she checks them off. This allows executives to be updated in real time about a task’s status and avoid composing a new email every time they need to add a task to the list.

Travel: Easy Access to Information on the Fly
Travel planning involves a ton of logistics, from hotel and flight confirmations to daily itineraries. Little is more stressful then forgetting travel confirmation print-outs at home or frantically searching through email inboxes to find travel confirmation attachments. With Box, all necessary travel information is organized in one central location that is easily accessible on any device, from anywhere. By creating a shared travel folder, an EA can rest assured that their executive has everything they need to get to where they're going.

Here's how it works:

In the EA/Exec shared folder, the EA creates sub folders for each trip, so that everything an executive needs for a specific trip is in one place. Within the trip folder, the EA can upload all of the flight and hotel confirmations, itineraries and any additional details the executive will need on that trip, and include a direct link to the folder in the executive's calendar invite details. When the executive is on the road, they can access anything quickly and easily from their mobile device.

Meetings: Compile Agenda Items in a Breeze with Email Upload
Compiling various pieces of a deck for a meeting can be time consuming. Box makes it easy by allowing all of the submitters to add their own submissions to a single centralized folder, while keeping the contents of the folder private.

Here’s how it works:

The EA generates a unique email address for a folder in four easy clicks:

  • Select “More”
  • Select “Upload Options,”
  • Select “Email Files to This Folder,”
  • Check the option to “Allow Uploads to This Folder via Email”

The EA then shares this email address with anyone who will need to contribute documents or slides to the meeting, which will all be automatically uploaded right to the EA’s Box folder, allowing the EA spend less time chasing down content and spend more time to focusing on making the meeting successful.

Expenses: Eliminate Steps to Save Time with Box Mobile
Filing expenses for an executive can be a tedious task that requires numerous steps: taking a photo or scanning a receipt, sending it to an email address, downloading it to a computer and uploading it or printing it off to file in a report. Box cuts the time it usually takes to file an expense in half.

Here's how it works:

The EA can simply take a photo of a receipt from the Box mobile app to upload it directly to an expenses folder. That's it! From there, the file can be printed or uploaded to an online expense management system.

Box has many more features that EAs can use to revolutionize the way their executives work. Check out Box’s online courses to learn more about how Box can help EAs do it all!