Project Squared + Box View

Box View enables developers to create the most elegant content experiences on the web and mobile. To showcase the interesting ways developers are integrating Box View into their applications, we have created a blog series with our customers to highlight their use cases and implementations of the technology. Project Squared, a next-generation cloud-based collaboration app for teams based collaboration built by Cisco, has integrated Box View to power their document experience. Learn more about the integration in this Q&A with Mark Oden, product manager of Project Squared, who led the content strategy including the Box View integration.

Introduction of Project Squared: Tell us about how the project started and what problem you were trying to solve.

The 9-5 is over. Today’s workforce is agile: on the go, always connected and more collaborative than ever before. A tremendous number of applications and tools have surfaced to cater to this mobile user and new way of working, and consumer and enterprise apps are blurring at the workplace. Employees are not only bringing their own device, they are bringing their own app – end users have become the most disruptive force in IT. These changes are making it much easier and more effective for us to work with other people when and how we want to. But this new workstyle can often present a burden: users must switch between multiple apps and devices just to complete one workflow with their teams.

As a world leader in unified communications and collaboration for the office, Cisco has an opportunity to embrace and enhance the way agile workers get stuff done. We want to provide a seamless and integrated workflow for users to share, review and discuss their ideas from any device, from anywhere, and at any time. To do this we’ve built a next-generation cloud platform that is focused on user centricity and the unification of collaboration workloads. Project Squared is the first application delivered by this platform and we’re excited to be able to introduce it right out of the gate with the Box/Cisco alliance. Part of what we’re out to do is to help teams do their best work, together. Both Cisco and Box believe that in order to do that users must have choice and be able to work with the existing tools that they already love.

Below is a view of Project Squared rooms. ‘Rooms’ are central to the Project Squared experience, giving teams a place to work together, a place that their work can live, and a way to stay connected to it all from anywhere.

cisco squared

Why did you choose to use Box View to power documents on your site?

Our mission is to give workers a way to collaborate easily with the people that matter most on a given initiative, and to do that from anywhere. Keeping this in mind we didn’t want users to have to download and open files on their mobile devices. We discovered early on that the native document viewers on devices are often inaccurate and missing critical information. We want to enable high quality content viewing immediately alongside messages, enabling a seamless content collaboration experience for workers on the go - right on their mobile devices.

Cisco performed rigorous testing with many rendering solutions – testing speed, accuracy, and reliability of render – and we found Box View to rate amongst the highest marks across all categories. And it was amazingly simple to integrate.

With Box View and Project Squared, shared documents are immediately rendered inline the conversation – whether they are on iOS, Android or desktop. Other users can immediately start providing feedback. Using Project Squared they can quickly and effortlessly reply to messages or even escalate to a real-time audio/video call to tackle the task at hand.


Take a look at this very simple PowerPoint file below shared through Project Squared and rendered using Box View. The native Android Viewer on the left is missing the most basic elements: the color of the text is lost, the gradient of the background is lost, and even worse, half of the content on the slide is missing! It would be nearly impossible for someone on the go to properly review this document and provide meaningful feedback. On the right, you can see that the Box View render brings the original elements of the slide to life on your mobile device. All of this, without having to download the file or open in a different app.


What is the future for Project Squared and what are you most excited about for the future?

We’re on a mission to help teams do their best work, together. We welcome and thrive on input from users – so we can make Project Squared even better.

We’ve got a lot of ideas about how to do this, but we want to improve Project Squared collectively. We promise to review feedback and to do our best to channel suggestions into future product updates. We’re excited to see what people come up with and expect that this unique approach will help us deliver experiences that will truly help people work better together. That’s something we need to hear about from users. After all, helping “teams do their best work” means something different to everyone. So let us know what it means to all of you, and how Project Squared can evolve to meet and exceed your needs.