Powering the Mobile Enterprise with Android for Work

Less than a decade ago, work was centralized around a hierarchy of processes and programs, constrained to an office and the typical working hours of 9-5. Fast-forward to today when the ubiquity of smart phones, tablets and mobile apps have redefined business productivity and transformed the workplace. We’re in the midst of an evolution of enterprise efficiency, driven by the unstoppable forces of cloud and mobile.

The freedom of choice is accelerating this new approach to productivity. More and more businesses are embracing policies that allow employees to choose whatever platforms, apps and devices they want so they can stay connected and collaborate. While choice is great, it must be considered with a firm commitment to security. At Box, our job is to build a set of tools that ensure content can be accessed securely from any device, and be shared with the right people from anywhere.

For many years, Box has been at the forefront of working with an ecosystem of partners that bring security and management to a borderless, mobile world. We're extremely excited to be deepening that focus with Google.

Today, Box is among the first mobile apps to support Google’s new Android for Work program. Android for Work makes it easy for CIOs to deploy apps in a secure, flexible and easy-to-manage environment that is tailored to any business' needs.

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Android for Work provides a secure separation between users' work profiles and their personal apps and data. This means that users can manage their business and personal lives within the same app, on the same device. Content managed from Android for Work managed apps is not accessible by the personal side of the same app, or any other app on the same device. Companies will be able to ensure that Box enterprise mobile usage stays within the Android for Work security framework.

Additionally, Android for Work introduces App Restrictions on any Android powered device, giving IT full control of users' work profiles. With Android for Work, admins can manage the Box app remotely, modify content permissions, and lock down devices or wipe data in the instance that a phone is lost or stolen. Finally, Android for Work helps ease the painful log-in hassles associated with third party apps on the device.

We’re excited to support a program that works with the entire ecosystem of device makers, application developers and management providers to enable business to be productive and keep their content secure wherever they work.