Play Googolopoly, the Internet Board Game from Box

At Box, we obviously spend a lot of time talking about what's going on on the internet. With such a high quantity of real and rumored products and acquisitions announcements, Google obviously gets a lot of attention in our animated discussions. In the last few months, Google Health, AppEngine, Knol, Android, OpenSocial, Sites, and the rumored Skype acquisition (is that even real or just propaganda?) were some of the most talked-about topics. We often come to the conclusion that Google's way to do business with other companies and interest in controling the information age makes the company look more and more like the software monopoly of yesteryears. Overall, it's questionable whether such a powerful position made the world better or worse... (click on the image to see full preview) One day we got tired of being serious about the situation and came up with Googolopoly, a game where you can take part of ruling the internet even if you don't work in Mountain View. The goal of the game is to use Google shares to buy as many properties as you can without landing in the deadpool and losing your stock. As with any great board game, there's a very real metaphor to what's going on.... What happens when the Google monster gobbles up all that is left in the web world, is present on your cell phone, desktop, and even controls your health information? For all their product excellence, the threat of amassing this much data is too serious to ignore. Anyway, at, we'll work to continue to build superior products and keep those mountain-viewers honest.To download the game in its entirety (including instructions, google shares, googleplex pieces, and more), visit here: Thanks to Phil,'s awesome designer, for putting this together.