Introducing a New Way to Work with Groups in Box

Here at Box, we know the value of collaborating to achieve great things. One of the most important ways people work together on Box — both within teams and across departments — is with our groups functionality. So today, we're excited to be announcing powerful new controls around how admins can manage groups to enable smarter and easier collaboration.

For those who aren't already familiar with groups, the tool is a way to create teams of Box users that have access to the same content so they can collaborate on it together. It's not uncommon for a Box user to be a part of several different groups, depending on the projects they are working on, the team they are a part of, and the department that they sit in. Essentially, groups are a great way to ensure that each employees has access to all the content pertinent to their job.

We have added two important features to groups that will allow you to better control access to sensitive information.

  • First, admins can select which users have permission to invite that group to collaborate on folders. Previously, admins could only choose to universally enable or disable this feature across their enterprise. With this new granular level of control, groups that collaborate on sensitive and confidential information can ensure that their content is being shared securely, and just with the necessary users.
  • Second, admins will now be able to define which collaborators can view individual members within the group. This is particularly useful for customers that require a greater level of anonymity amongst collaborators.

One big benefit our customers have found from collaborating using groups is that as new users are added to a specific group, they automatically gain access to the content already shared. This means that new users can log in and have access to the relevant content they need to do their job effectively from day one.

For instance, large organizations use the functionality to create department-wide groups for sharing things like HR policies, public marketing collateral, upcoming releases and more. Pertinent information is always accessible to existing and new employees. It's also a handy feature for smaller teams that work together on specific projects that require open access and quick collaboration.

Box Groups can be either created from the Box Admin Console, or imported from external users stores, such as Active Directory or Okta or Google Groups, where many organizations have already organized their users into teams that work together. The new groups features are now live and available to Business, Business Plus, Enterprise, and Elite customers. Learn more about Box Groups here.