Introducing New Box Metadata Features

Since we released our initial metadata capabilities back at BoxWorks in 2013, we've seen customers use the tool in a wide variety of ways to transform their businesses. From maintaining customer contracts to applying project templates to files, businesses across industries are using metadata to help manage and organize their most important content.

A great example of this can be seen with the popular online media network Popsugar. They use metadata to organize thousands of images across numerous internal departments from marketing to editorial to design. By adding categories like publication rights, locations, and brands, Popsugar can quickly and easily find the assets they are looking for, regardless of the department they are in or whether or not they are the person who initially uploaded the photo.

"Content is a vital part of our business, so we put a lot into the best ways to manage it,” said Bjorn Pave, director of IT at Popsugar. “By standardizing on Box, and leveraging its metadata capabilities, we were able to simultaneously centralize all of our assets, and make them easily discoverable for employees and outside contractors."

Just like with Popsugar, our goal is to enable all customers to leverage metadata to help drive business process improvement within their organizations. To help aid in this effort, today, we're announcing the availability of three new enhancements to the metadata service:

  • Metadata Templates in the Admin Console – Customers can now create their own metadata templates directly in the admin console. IT admins can distribute these templates across the enterprise, making them available to all users, on all files, and in advanced searches.
  • The Metadata APIs – developers can attach metadata capabilities to existing or new content in their software through the add and edit metadata templates API, as well as the advanced search API.
  • Syncing Metadata from Third Party Systems – through a partnership with SkySync, customers can import and export metadata templates from third party systems like Sharepoint and Documentum, to help keep repositories in sync across multiple platforms.

In addition to these new features, we're actively working on new capabilities that help businesses manage structured data more efficiently. Metadata templates are available by request today and by default in September for Business Plus, Enterprise and Elite customers. We hope that you’ll take advantage of these new enhancements and don't hesitate to reach out to if you would like hands-on assistance with getting started!