New Billboard: Box Is (Not) Like SharePoint

Silicon Valley locals and commuters may remember our billboard along the 101 last summer, calling on frustrated SharePoint users to take the Box challenge. We invited SharePoint customers to trial our service with the promise that if they didn't prefer Box, we'd foot the bill for three months of SharePoint. The result: no one picked SharePoint. Well, we're at it again. Drivers who missed debating the virtues of Box versus SharePoint while stuck in rush hour traffic will be happy to see we're still committed to taking cumbersome enterprise software head on. At Box, we're driven by the core belief that sharing should be simple, whereas solutions like SharePoint...well, you can read for yourself: Business today is different - workers are more web savvy than ever, we need to share with partners and customers beyond our office walls, and IT wants to spend less time maintaining infrastructure and more time focusing on business-critical technologies. We believe this calls for a new approach to collaboration - one that addresses the deficiencies of traditional enterprise software solutions, as outlined on our billboard. With Cloud Content Management, we're reinventing how businesses share content. We think sharing should be quick, inclusive and inexpensive. And above all, simple. Have any ideas for our next Billboard? Tweet us @boxdotnet or write them on our Facebook fan page wall. Post by Jen Grant, VP of Marketing