My 4 Favorite Things About the New Box HQ

We've been growing a little – ok, actually a whole lot – over the past year or so, and recently moved into a brand new, super spacious office to accommodate the fast-growing Box family. How fast? Well, at this time last year, Boxers numbered just over 150. These days, we're tipping the scales at about 400 strong. We didn't just want a new office space – we needed it! You may have seen a few photos of our new office on Facebook or our Pinterest page, but pictures don't exactly do this place justice. It's way bigger than our old HQ (3 floors), and has lots of the amenities of our old office, but at a much bigger scale. To give you an idea of why we love our new home so much, I put together a quick list of my favorite things about our new HQ. The Open Layout We don't do cubicles at Box, and that's just how we like it. Our team is pretty big, so seeing people's faces (rather than sad cubicle walls) definitely helps me remember names. Having an open layout also means more conversations with fellow Boxers, fewer meetings and a friendlier atmosphere around the office. Speaking of meetings, we have a bunch of informal meeting areas that are great for a coffee chat with a friend, or a quick one-on-one with your boss. Our environment is much more relaxed than a traditional office, which definitely helps me focus on doing my best. Don't like sitting down all day? Simply turn your desk into a standing desk with the push of a button, or head over to one of our big hammocks to work or take a quick nap. Big Screen TVs Everywhere To keep everyone informed about what's happening at Box, we have monitors on every floor detailing useful information, like company stats, train schedules and more. It's also an awesome way to call out employees who are doing a great job,  or display fun "Box photo moments" from past happy hours and parties. You'll occasionally find them tuned in to the latest sports games and tv shows, too. Who says you can't get work done while you root for your favorite team? :) Unlimited Coffee and Snacks Maybe it's a holdover from my college years, but 'm a free food fanatic. At our new office, we have more than 3 fully-stocked kitchens full of all the chips (the baked ones, too), candy and fruit you could possibly eat. We also have cold and hot drinks galore, with fancy espresso machines if you want to feel gourmet. When we're not snacking on granola or cereal, we're eating catered lunch, Monday through Friday. If you stay late at the office, you can even order dinner online and have it delivered to the office. Our Monstrous Slide If you're feeling adventurous, Box provides a unique form of transportation to get to our lobby. Instead of taking the stairs or an elevator, you can climb into our big yellow slide on the second floor to careen down a high-speed chute and emerge in the lobby. If you have someone visiting the office, this is a fun way to make a memorable entrance. Want to see the office for yourself? Check out some of our open positions and apply today – we'd love to have you at Box HQ for an interview.