Meet the First Class of the Box Platform Incubator Program

Today, we are delighted to announce the first class of participants in the Box Platform Incubator Program. Announced at BoxWorks 2016, the Box Platform Incubator Program is designed to help qualified companies build, launch, and scale app businesses that leverage Box Platform and Amazon Web Services in their software products. Participants will receive hands-on product and go-to-market strategy and support from Box Platform and AWS experts over the next several months.

The first class of participants are Angular Medicine, CafeX, Crooze, Design Pickle, Harmony, Solar Site Design, Maxwell, and Vector Legal.

"There has never been a more exciting time to be building software for the enterprise, with cloud technologies at our disposal and industries ripe for disruption," said Ross McKegney, Director of Platform at Box and head of the Box Platform Incubator Program. "At Box, we're committed to supporting the next generation of enterprise cloud companies, and through the Box Platform Incubator Program, we’ve got a hands-on way of sharing our expertise in the enterprise market and providing access to the same Box Platform services on which our core applications run."

“Amazon Web Services offers developers a breadth of infrastructure, developer tools and application services that serve as an ideal foundation for the development and deployment of enterprise applications,” said David Wright, General Manager of Global Technology Alliances, Amazon Web Services. “We’re therefore excited to support Box in recruiting and nurturing the next generation of content-centric business applications and digital experiences powered by Box Platform and AWS.”

The eight companies come from diverse industries and business functions, but share a common need for enterprise-grade content management and collaboration services in their cloud-based solutions.

The eight selected participants are:

Angular Medicine: Provides community pharmacists and primary care physicians timely and pertinent information to optimize medication therapy to help patients achieve healthier outcomes, while meaningfully decreasing health care costs.

CafeX: Chime by CafeX is a WebRTC-based solution providing real-time voice and video alongside content services via Box native viewers and enhanced security controls.

Crooze: Rapid Application Development platform for ECM applications powered by Box, such as Document Control, Digital Asset Management, Engineering Libraries and Contracts Management.

Design Pickle: JAR by Design Pickle is a process management tool for creative teams, to streamline design from idea to delivery.

Harmony: Platform that enables non-technical end users in large, medium and small enterprises to build native apps powered by Box.

Solar Site Design: Customer acquisition tool and online project management platform built for service industry professionals serving both residential and commercial markets.

Maxwell: SaaS network that is revolutionizing the $8.5T residential mortgage industry by empowering loan officers to intelligently automate their workflow with homebuyers and real estate agents.

Vector Legal: SaaS application for litigation case management, litigation analytics and litigation training.

The Box Platform Incubator Program will kick off in February at our headquarters in Redwood City and will run for 8 weeks.

Stay tuned to the Box Blog to learn more about the participants as they formulate and launch their products over the next several months. If you’d like to learn more about any of the participant companies, or if you’d like to participate in a future iteration of our incubator program, reach out to us at [email protected]