Making Box Notes Even More Collaborative

At Box, we want to make it incredibly easy to manage and collaborate on business content securely in the cloud -- and a big part of this is bringing you tools for content creation and editing.

We've developed seamless integrations with some of the most popular content editing apps, and we've also built some capabilities directly into Box. More than two years ago, we introduced Box Notes, enabling real-time collaboration and concurrent editing on things like project plans, meeting notes, budget plans, newsletters, creative briefs, brainstorms and to-do lists, all directly from Box. Since then, we've seen tremendous adoption of Box Notes -- from thousands of enterprises like General Electric, the World Bank Group, Schneider Electric, AstraZeneca, Eli Lilly and the Republic National Distributing Company -- and the number of people who use Box Notes on a weekly basis has more than doubled this year alone.

Today, we're making the Box Notes experience even more engaging and collaborative. We're introducing an all new design for Box Notes, based on Box's new design language, putting much more emphasis on your content. We're also adding a comments section that will allow users to take advantage of Box's workflow capabilities like adding comments to your Box Note (beyond annotations) and mentioning other collaborators. This enables you to maintain an ongoing conversation around your notes, as well as supports email and push notifications, meaning you never have to leave Box Notes for collaboration. This new design and commenting functionality will be available to all users today, and we're excited to see how customers take advantage of this new functionality.

This is just the latest way we're making Box Notes better. In the past year we added a range of new features:

  • Annotations can be made anywhere on a Box Note to help users collaborate
  • Tables allow users to organize data efficiently
  • Images can be embedded and enlarged to support richer content experiences in Box
  • Version history helps track all changes so users can reference past drafts at any time
  • Hyperlinks make it easy for users to switch back and forth between Box Notes and other content
  • Font preferences include size, color and style options to give flexibility to users when creating content

And because Box Notes is designed for teams that need to work from anywhere, it's incredibly easy to use on mobile. In fact, almost half of Box Notes users access Notes from mobile devices. Notes is also an exceptional tool for businesses that deal with sensitive information but still want a notes tool with consumer-grade experiences. Like all content on Box, it meets global compliance and security standards including HIPAA and FINRA. And Box Governance customers can benefit from Legal Holds, retention policies, security controls and defensible eDiscovery on their Box Notes.

We're hard at work improving the Box Notes experience to be even more robust, collaborative and easy to use. If you haven't already, give Box Notes a try and share any feedback or questions with the Box Notes team at