Introducing New Solutions from Box and IBM

Today we're thrilled to announce the general availability of IBM Case Manager with Box and IBM Datacap with Box. These products complement the previously announced IBM Content Navigator and IBM StoredIQ integrations. After highlighting these solutions at BoxWorks earlier this year, we're excited to share how starting today, businesses in any industry can leverage the robust technology from Box and IBM to improve the way they manage information and drive collaboration.

IBM Case Manager with Box powers end-to-end collaboration, allowing companies to engage with external parties who are part of a case, while still providing employees with a familiar case environment to work in. Users can easily involve everyone who needs to collaborate as part of complex, multistep business processes to boost speed, accuracy, and agility.

For example, a bank processing loan applications could allow clients to access and share sensitive financial documents securely. Or, a pharmaceutical company could use a single platform for researchers and outside agencies to move more quickly through the stages needed to bring a new drug to market.

With the general availability of IBM Datacap with Box, organizations can power digital transformation by capturing and extracting data from documents. A government agency or insurer can now immediately digitize key information from mailed or faxed in forms, and then use the Box platform to begin processing. This workflow could radically simplify and scale services delivered to clients. Beyond reducing manual steps and improving stakeholder satisfaction, mutual customers can reduce costs from errors, paper, and shipping while deriving insights more quickly.

We've also enhanced IBM Content Navigator with Box. With the current integration, customers are already benefiting from a single integrated view into all of their content (both in Box and on-premise) with the integration. And now, these organizations can power deeper collaboration and more productivity with the ability to share content from Box with external parties, as well as the ability to search across their content in Box, directly from Content Navigator.

Finally, today we're also announcing a deeper integration and more functionality in IBM StoredIQ with Box, a robust eDiscovery tool. StoredIQ can now analyze data residing in Box, helping a company understand what content is relevant within a given litigation. Too often legal teams face an overwhelming amount of data that needs to be sorted and categorized; StoredIQ cuts out the vast majority of this labor (and therefore the cost to the litigation process). We're excited that this advanced analysis can now be done on Box content.

This is the latest in several products and integrations we've announced as part of our strategic partnership with IBM. In just the past six months, Box for EMM was integrated with IBM MaaS360, we expanded the Box Trust ecosystem to include IBM Cloud Security Enforcer and much more! And you'll continue to see a lot more from us in the future.

To learn more about our work with IBM and what we announced today, check out our recent webinar recapping our participation at the IBM Insight conference, where we detail our joint solutions and how mutual customers can benefit.