Introducing Metadata: Bringing Context to Your Content

At BoxWorks 2013, we showcased how we’re adding context to your content on Box with metadata. Metadata is important for developers building integrations on our platform and for the millions of individuals and businesses that use Box every day. The underlying technology allows developers to add key:value pairs to files stored in Box via the API and web application so that people can add, edit and view additional types of information around a file from within a custom app.
Metadata blog image
For example, you will soon be able to make a GET request to and receive a sample JSON object similar to the one below: { "patient_name": "John Huffer", "patient_id": "2839472", "dob": "04-21-1980", "diagnosis": "metacarpal fracture" } You will also be able to simply add, update and remove additional key:value pairs from metadata objects using JSON patch operations. We are working on rolling this out broadly to developers and users over the coming quarters, but email us at if you’re interesting in being an early beta user.