Introducing a Flexible New Pricing Model for Box Platform

Over the past year, businesses of all sizes leveraged Box Platform to build engaging digital experiences for their customers. From powering disruptive technology companies like Maxwell and Doxly to partnering with enterprise businesses like LegalZoom and Perkins + Will on their digital transformation journey, our goal is to bring the power of Box to every application. We're constantly looking for new ways to reduce friction for any business, of any size, and support our customers no matter what type of application they're building.

Today, we're excited to introduce a new pricing model for Box Platform to do just that. Technology startups have grown accustomed to the dynamic 'pay-as-you-go' model, made popular by cloud platform companies like Amazon Web Services, while enterprise buyers tend to prefer consistent subscription models, made popular by SaaS companies like Salesforce. Since business of all types and sizes use Box Platform, we've combined the best aspects of both models so that businesses can start building with Box Platform - regardless of the size of the project.

In our new pricing model, you only pay for the level of resources you anticipate your app will consume. Box Platform is available in bundles of resources (which include monthly active user licenses, API calls, bandwidth, and storage), and you simply license the number of bundles to meet your application's needs. We'll also continue to offer a free Developer tier to allow developers to experiment with our APIs and build proof-of-concept apps.

The new pricing model for Box Platform is:

  • Scalable: You only pay for the bundles of resources your app needs each month. Bundles consist of MAUs, API calls, storage, and bandwidth. For experimentation purposes, we offer a free Developer Tier to help you get started.
  • Customizable: If you need additional resources, such as additional GBs of storage or API calls, you can license them a la carte to fit your needs. You can also mix-and-match individual resources such as API calls and bandwidth for certain use cases without having to license bundles.
  • Predictable: You estimate consumption and license on a forward-looking basis, with options for short- and long-term contracts. Resource consumption is normalized over the duration of your contract to account for periods of increased or decreased usage. If you exceed your resource entitlements, you will not be penalized and will simply true-up at your current usage in the next contract term. So, you can start small and license additional resources as your app grows.

Our new pricing model for Box Platform is available today with paid plans starting at $500/month. If you want to learn more, visit our pricing page to get started.