Introducing Box's New Mobile Web and Accessibility Sites

The average person uses more than three devices for work and checks their phone more than 150 times per day, so we know how important it is to provide simple, beautiful, and secure mobile solutions! We are always looking for ways that Box can be used by as many people as possible, and today we're excited to announce the release of our newly updated mobile web site ( and accessibility site (

Over the past year, our mobile engineering team has completely rewritten our native iOS and Android apps. Now our mobile web users will enjoy the same intuitive navigation and visually appealing interface that our native mobile apps offer - without having to install a mobile app.

In addition to refreshing the layout and visual design, we've added a great set of new features, including:

  • High-fidelity HTML5 document previewing
  • Improved collaboration, which now includes inviting and managing collaborators
  • Fine-grained file sharing controls for setting and modifying shared links
  • Support for Box Notes
  • Optimized performance so the site loads faster, especially over cellular networks

The new file preview experience makes sharing your content easy, even on the go. Now when you send a shared link to someone outside of your organization, they can preview and comment on your Box content right from their mobile web browser.


Along with the launch, we are also updating our accessibility experience on We worked closely with our Accessibility Advisory Board to build this next version from the ground up with accessibility needs in mind. supports screen readers, keyboards-only navigation, and is compatible with VoiceOver and other assistive technologies. We have also ensured that provides support for browsers without JS and CSS support.

We strive constantly to provide a simple, consistent cross-platform experience that empowers all of our users to be productive across all platforms. We are really excited that these updates take us one step closer to achieving that goal!