Introducing the Box Python SDK

At Box, we love to build things that are easy to use and our platform is no exception. We want to make development on the Box platform a breeze, so you can leverage the power of Box and focus on your epic ideas. Today, I am extremely excited to announce the release of the Box Python SDK! You can find it on Github:

Maybe you are writing a service. Maybe you are building an App. Maybe you are working on a script to automate things in your life. The Box Python SDK is here to make your life a little easier. We tried hard to design a user friendly interface so building on top of the Python SDK is a breeze.

It's Easy to Use

To get started, you just need to type:

pip install boxsdk

There's so much you can do with just a few lines of code.

from boxsdk import Client, OAuth2

oauth = OAuth2(
client = Client(oauth)
shared_folder = client.folder(
uploaded_file = shared_folder.upload('/path/to/file')
shared_link = shared_folder.get_shared_link()

Dealing with OAuth might not be your favorite, especially in a multi-threaded environment. With Box Python SDK, you don't need to worry about OAuth anymore. Instantiate the OAuth object with the `store_token` callback, you will never need to authenticate again.

oauth = OAuth2(

Build for the Enterprise

Want to build for the enterprise? Already a customer of Box? The SDK also supports many premium and enterprise features: lock/unlock, users, groups, etc. so you can leverage the power of Box platform to allow you to collaborate on Box even better.

Let Us Know What You Think

The SDK is powering several mission critical programs at Box internally already. It's thoroughly tested and ready to power your epic ideas! Want more features? Open an issue on Github or send us a Pull Request.

To hear more about our SDKs in person, join us at Box Dev on April 22.