Box for Windows 10: A Seamless Experience on Any Device

As a longstanding Microsoft partner and Windows developer, we’ve been closely following the exciting updates coming out of Build 2015. Microsoft introduced new, powerful developer tools and services that will make it incredibly easy to build cross-platform applications for Windows 10. Today, Box is thrilled to announce that we’re working closely with Microsoft to develop a Windows 10 universal app.

The new Box for Windows 10 app will enable users to benefit from a seamless Box experience on all of the Windows platforms that they use for work, whether that’s their phone, tablet or PC. Building a universal app enables Box and other ISVs to focus on developing innovative new features instead of spending time creating an individual application for each platform.

We're building a Box for Windows 10 app that's packed with features that operate seamlessly with the Microsoft Office suite.

  • Collaborate in Office: With Box for Windows 10, you will be able to take a file from Box, open it up natively in any Office program – whether that’s Word, PowerPoint or Excel – make changes to the file, and then have those changes automatically saved back to Box without ever leaving Office.
  • Collaborate in Box: With the new CachedFileUpdater, the inverse experience is also possible - users in the Box application can launch Office programs to edit a file, and have those changes saved back to Box, from any device.
  • Enhanced Notification Center: Notifications are completely revamped in Windows 10 to ensure that workflow is as smooth as ever. Stay up to date on projects, documents and plans with the new dedicated notification center. With the new "Windows everywhere" feature, notifications that are dismissed in the notifications center will be automatically dismissed on all other Windows devices.

Today’s news is just the latest example of Box’s commitment toward creating a better way to work, where all of the tools that employees use on a daily basis seamlessly work together on every device. We’re excited to continue our work with Microsoft and explore what’s possible with new integrations and offerings.