Introducing Box for Office Online, A New Way to Work in the Cloud

Microsoft Office files are among the most uploaded, edited and shared files in Box. In fact, there are over a billion Word, Excel and PowerPoint files in Box right now, with millions more added each day! With so much work being done using Box and Microsoft Office, we wanted to make it even simpler for our customers to use our services together. Today, we're introducing Box for Office Online, making it easier than ever for our customers to create and manage their Word docs, PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets securely from anywhere and on any device, right from Box.

When building Box for Office Online we prioritized ease of use and comprehensive capabilities, so people can be more efficient and productive at work. With that in mind, we included these key features:

  • Seamless workflows between Box and Office Online: Users can work on files in Office Online from Box through a simple 'open with' button, and all edited files are automatically saved back to Box with no action required.
  • Full editing capabilities: All of the editing features that have made Office Online the standard for creating documents, spreadsheets and presentations in the cloud, will be fully functional from the Box platform and available with the same interface that our users are familiar with.
  • Easier collaboration with 'share': Soon, users will be able to share content in Office Online in the same easy way it's done in Box - by simply clicking the 'share' button, users are prompted with the granular collaboration controls they expect from Box.

By taking advantage of these great features, people can work completely from a web browser without opening a single installed application - so any computer (regardless of the operating system) can instantly become a workstation. This not only makes working from anywhere more flexible and seamless, it also makes the collaboration process more secure, because it eliminates the need to repeatedly download files on different machines. Since Office files currently account for almost half of all content that has been edited and then uploaded to Box, this integration will hugely impact productivity for our customers.

Today's news shows just some of the ways we are working with Microsoft to create new products that meet the needs of the modern business. Later this year, the companies intend to further collaborate on integrations with native Office clients on iOS, Android, and Windows. At Box, we're focused on building products that works perfectly with all of the tools our customers need to be productive, which means you'll continue to see innovations from Box and Microsoft in the future - so stay tuned!

Interested in learning more? Visit or sign up for our webinar on Collaboration + Security using Office 365 and Box on June 25.