Introducing Box AI: Unlock the value of your content

Artificial intelligence has been rapidly advancing in recent years, particularly in the area of generative AI. With the help of new large language models and massive amounts of data, AI systems are now able to understand and generate content on an unprecedented scale. But what happens when you bring AI — securely — to your enterprise? Imagine how much your organization could get done if every employee had an assistant working at 1000x speed. The beauty of it is, AI can make it happen. Which means the new era of work starts now.

Today, we are thrilled to announce Box AI, a powerful new suite of capabilities that will natively integrate advanced AI models into the Content Cloud, while still applying Box’s enterprise-grade standards for security, compliance, and privacy. Box AI will make it easier than ever to uncover and share insights, find timely answers to critical questions, and effortlessly create content based on an organization’s data in Box. With the power of AI, you will be able to unlock the value of your content and make every person in your company smarter and more productive.

Box AI

Get your questions answered

Box AI will help you tap into the wealth of knowledge that resides within your enterprise content, and get the exact information you need faster than ever. When viewing a document in preview, you’ll be able to ask questions about a document, pull out insights from a spreadsheet, or summarize a presentation — all in seconds, and all with just a click. The possibilities are endless, but here are a few:

  • Sales teams will be able to surface potential questions and answers a prospect would ask regarding a sales presentation

  • Customer service teams will be able to uncover insights from hundreds of customer feedback surveys to identify key areas for improvement

  • Recruiters will be able to draft job postings for any position based on internal documents such as meeting notes

Box AI

Take the work out of creating content

Box AI will help you create content faster to increase productivity. Right from within Box Notes, you will be able to create content from scratch or even more importantly, generate new material from existing information. With a simple prompt, you will be able to draft emails, newsletters, or blog posts from scratch in different tones, lengths, and styles; or you can develop agendas, manuals, and reports that build upon information that’s already in Box. With the new Box AI capabilities in Box Notes:

  • Marketing teams will be able to overcome writer’s block when creating blog posts, web copy, and captions

  • Customer success teams will be able to tailor a general onboarding document to a specific customer's unique needs

  • Product teams will have an on-demand sounding board that will help provide feedback on new product ideas, names, and designs

Our commitment to security and privacy

The power of AI can't be realized until organizations are certain that it can be done safely and securely. Guided by our AI Principles, Box AI builds on the platform-neutral framework that we’ve been developing for over a decade — which we will continue to enrich by applying the latest advanced intelligence models to the Content Cloud. Box AI will be governed by Box’s built-in permissions and is designed to keep our customers in control of their data so users can only see and interact with the files and content they’re allowed to access.

We’re just getting started

This is all incredibly exciting — and it’s just the beginning. We will be testing Box AI through an upcoming Design Partner Program to iterate and refine the capabilities before making them more broadly available.

See Box AI in action during the Content Cloud Summit on May 9, and sign up here to get on the list for exclusive updates about Box AI and our private beta program.

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