General Electric and User-Centric IT

I’m incredibly excited to share that General Electric has chosen Box as its corporate standard for content sharing and collaboration. We’ve been working with GE leadership for nearly two years to bring Box to their organization, and we’re delighted to announce this strategic relationship. In recent years, GE has become one of the most tech-centric companies of the Fortune 500. While GE has a long history of technology-driven innovation, few enterprises of its scale have reinvented themselves by putting information technology at the center of their competitive strategy. Under Jeff Immelt, we've seen this manifest in GE's corporate strategy with the industrial internet, bringing intelligent data to industrial machines and processes; GE is applying that same creativity to empowering its global workforce with better access to information and tools. With more than 300,000 employees across 170 countries, GE's IT demands are significant. Employees need to securely share corporate information from multiple devices. They need to collaborate not only with each other, but also with partners, customers, and vendors globally. And every worker, whether a corporate marketing leader or someone servicing a jet engine, needs access to data in real-time, from anywhere. The traditional model of IT simply doesn’t work in this new world. In response, GE has embraced a far more user-centric IT strategy. This means being one of the first Fortune 500s to embrace the iPhone, and later the iPad in a significant way. It means implementing software that is elegantly designed, works on any device, and supports open APIs and integrations with other services. Instead of thinking about IT from the backend systems on out, the longstanding approach to IT delivery, GE is putting people at the center of their strategy. GE's CIO, Jamie Miller, and her team have been strong champions and supporters of this new way to deliver technology to employees. Jamie is an inspiring example of how the CIO role is becoming increasingly aligned with corporate strategy and driving for better productivity and competitive advantage. Finally, the scale of GE’s environment and the scope of their IT ambitions will inevitably help shape and evolve Box’s own development. Over the years, we've been fortunate to serve some of the worlds leading businesses as we built our platform. Through the support of early customers like Procter & Gamble, eBay and Schneider Electric, Box has built the scalability, security, and end-user experience necessary to support these large organizations. Given the wide array of industries, geographies, and regulatory environments that GE faces, this deployment will push us even further. We’re thrilled to be working with such an important and diverse company that is making technology central to how they’re competing in this new economy. Thanks, GE!