Folloze and Box: An Integration That Makes Your Content Sell


We are thrilled to announce that Folloze has integrated with the Box Content and View APIs. For those of you who are not familiar with Folloze, it is a content engagement solution for marketing and sales that lets users aggregate content specific to a customer or segment. This content can be any type of video, link, presentation, or other document. By distributing content through a branded and contextually relevant experience, Folloze customers are able to improve engagement and identify what content resonates with target users.


Box Viewer used to view document in Folloze

With the new integration, users can now manage their content within Box, while syncing it with Folloze for the delivery of engaging content boards. The team at Folloze went the extra mile, and any document uploaded directly to Folloze can be previewed using our View API. See how it’s done.


Selecting Files from box to add to a Folloze Board

The Box-Folloze integration mitigates the challenges of content sprawl and version control; while enabling marketing and sales teams to work in unison.

Any update that is made to a file within Box synced with Folloze will automatically be pushed to all viewers. And to close the loop, Folloze provides detailed analytics on how effective the content was with the end recipient.


The end result of the integration is that Folloze turns Box into an engagement machine. Sales and Marketing professionals can build a content board in minutes, adding files from their Box account. Once a board is created, it can be turned into a template so that salespeople can share it as-is, or personalize it for a specific prospect within their Salesforce environment.

We are excited to see how partners are taking advantage of our platform technology in new and exciting ways. To get started building on the Box Platform, go to