Powering the Cloud Application Ecosystem with Zapier Workflows

As enterprises rely on cloud services to power their businesses, the need for integration between those services becomes even greater. We've been fans of Zapier for several years now and are excited to be a launch partner for Zapier's new workflow automation tool. In the past, Box customers have used Zapier for 1:1 integrations. Today, with Multi-Step Zaps, Box users can leverage integrations across a number of applications.

Zapier allows users to integrate cloud applications together easily, in only a few clicks. Our customers use Zapier to integrate their favorite apps with Box, everything from email to messaging to task applications. With today's announcement, users are now able to set up connections across many cloud services, so when an event happens in one app, such as a new file added to Box, a series of events takes place automatically—for example, get a Slack notification, start a Trello board, and create an email.

Zapier workflows represent countless new ways that Box customers can leverage the full potential of their cloud applications, here a just few examples of how Multi-Step Zaps can unlock additional productivity:

Kick off projects: Once sales processes reach a critical phase, spending time on project organization can slow down progress. Leverage Zapier’s automated workflows by creating a Multi-Step Zap that triggers when deals mature, laying out your project management, preparing a matching structure on Box and sending an announcement email all at once.

Process form submissions: Use Multi-Step Zaps to distribute and organize data. For example, a potential client can get in touch with you via a form and submit their material to trigger a Zap, automatically setting up a matching folder on Box, placing the submitted file inside it, creating a task so you can remember to review the contents, and adding the new contact to your mailing list for good measure so they can start getting your marketing immediately.

Manage content with intelligent search: Use a Multi-Step Zap with a Search Action to listen for any new emails with an attachment on Gmail, or only those to which a specific label is applied. For each new one you receive, Zapier will check if a folder matching the sender’s name already exists on Box, creating one if not, and dropping the file inside. Create a notification on Slack and your team has immediate access to files that would otherwise linger in your mailbox until you had time to get to them.

Integrations make cloud apps even more powerful and enable Box customers to be even more productive. To get started with Zapier and Multi-Step Zap integrations, please visit: https://zapier.com/multi-step-zaps/