Legal Holds is now available to Box Governance customers

Litigation worldwide is facing a new set of challenges - with the explosion of data, and foray into brand new technologies, it can be a struggle to keep up.

Just a few years ago, organizations would get hit with a lawsuit, have to walk into the offices of their employees and physically collect papers off of desks to put a hold on content needed for discovery. Today, our content lives in many places -- we have a cell phone, Salesforce account, an iPad, Outlook desktop and cloud apps, and a Box account. So when your company gets notified that they are facing a lawsuit, there's a lot more nuance to deal with.

Winning the lawsuit is the hard part. Keeping track of your content shouldn't be.

Today, I'm thrilled to introduce Legal Holds as part of our Governance offering. With it, organizations can preserve content in place to kick off the eDiscovery process in the face of litigation. It's easy to manage, helps limit your liability, ties seamlessly with your retention schedules, and integrates with the world's best eDiscovery technologies, all while protecting your corporate assets.

Any time a lawsuit is filed, your corporate counsel can log into Box, find custodians who are named in the suit, place holds on their content and manage all matters related to Box content in one centralized mechanism.

Here's a sneak peak:

Legal Holds GA

Box Governance now enables you to identify, collect, and preserve content, while integrating with partners such as IBM and EnCase to enable the entire eDiscovery process.

Legal Holds 2

A year ago, we launched Box Governance, with the tools to support our customers' legal, regulatory, and business mandates. Now, Legal Holds joins the rest of the defensible discovery tools in the Governance toolbox:

  • Full and robust audit trail
  • Synergy with Box Retention Management schedules
  • Admin oversight of all content via Box Content Manager
  • Tracking of social activities on Box like comments and tasks via Compliance Email Archive

Join us at BoxWorks to learn more about how Box Governance can help your organization deal with litigation, regulation, and corporate policy without having to sacrifice anything on collaboration and usability.

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