Introducing the All New Box: Where All Your Work Comes Together

We started Box 11 years ago with a simple mission in mind: we wanted to make it insanely easy for people to share and access their files from anywhere. And we've spent the last decade making it easy for organizations of all sizes to use Box to manage their content without compromising security, governance or compliance.

We've made tremendous progress on this vision by introducing solutions like Box Zones for in-region data residency, Box KeySafe for customer-managed encryption keys and Box Governance for document retention and legal holds, to name a few examples. As a result of our relentless focus on building a platform that enterprises can leverage for managing and securing their critical data, Box is used by 66,000 businesses around the world today.

But we're just getting started. Businesses today are changing more quickly than ever before. When we look at the most innovative businesses of our time -- from disruptors like Uber and Airbnb to longstanding innovators like GE and P&G -- these organizations are working in a fundamentally different way. Their employees are more connected; they drive flatter organizations; they work with colleagues, partners, and clients all around the world; they operate in a more data-driven way; and they move incredibly quickly.

Right now, the technology businesses use are slowing them down. The reality is that most organizations are still dealing with the challenge of managing a ton of information across too many storage, sharing and collaboration tools that are disconnected from the processes and people doing the work. No one solution has solved all the critical elements required to help people work and collaborate with each other, their content, and all the apps they use every day.

Until today.

Today, we're introducing the all new Box, where all your work comes together. We've been hard at work for the past 18 months reimagining how Box will be the common place for content in your enterprise.

We have three major updates today that we're incredibly excited about:

The all new Box files experience is the best way to work with all of your content. The all new Box is built to make it faster and easier than ever to find your files. The layout is cleaner, simpler and customizable so people can work the way they want to. The new web experience is 30% faster to load, and uploads files to Box as much as five times faster. We've added robust new experiences like 3D, 360º and HD file viewing for richer media experiences. And our soon to arrive new annotations feature will enable teams to work better together with instant in-line feedback. Starting today, you can try out the new experience with this link,, and admins can enable the experience for their organization from the admin console.

The all new Box Notes takes team collaboration to the next level. With the new Box Notes experience available this fall, you can bring together all of your team's ideas, knowledge, projects, and tasks into a single view. With a new desktop application, people will be able to easily create new notes (and access the notes they're already working on) from one easily accessible place. In a future release, people will also be able to continue to work in Box Notes even when they're offline and all changes will automatically save back to Box when the app reconnects.

The all new Box Relay is workflow made simple. With Box Relay, your daily workflows around content -- from approving contracts to invoicing -- can be easily automated in the simplest workflow product ever created. With this new offering, anyone in your business can build, track and manage workflows in real-time, resulting in far more efficient and consistent experiences for every process. Box Relay is also incredibly unique because it eliminates the need to switch between systems by providing a workflow solution on the platform enterprises already trust to manage all of their work and gives people all of the security and collaboration benefits of Box. Customers can sign up for the private beta today.

Instead of having different experiences and tools for all of your content, now all of this information can come together in a central place - the all new Box. You don't have to worry about losing great work to a battle with version control or important processes being disconnected from the documents and the teams responsible for them. Or important ideas being inaccessible by the right people, at the right time. And you don't have to worry about the apps you love creating unnecessary data sprawl and content silos. And best of all, because your information is stored in Box, your content is protected with the deepest security, works with the compliance that your business needs no matter what industry you're in, and supports customers around the world with complex data-residency needs.

Our mission is to transform the way people and organizations work, whether you're building an amazing electric car, operating the world's largest retailer, delivering disaster relief around the world, or making the next great blockbuster film. With the all new Box, all of your work comes together in one place. Now, go do your best work.

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