Expanding the Global Cloud

Despite some of the rhetoric you may hear this political election season, business is becoming unstoppably global. Teams and organizations need to collaborate in real-time with partners and firms that are spread around the world. It's almost impossible to design a new consumer product, launch a marketing campaign or even discover a new drug without people coming together from disparate teams and locations.

The cloud's unique promise is to broker this collaboration and bring together teams so they can do their very best work, ending the silos and friction that has plagued how work gets done in the past. But global collaboration comes with a massive technical burden and privacy headache. From the speed by which people are able to share information across borders to varied data regulations by country, there are massive inhibitors to fully realizing this vision for global business.

At Box, we want to solve these challenges by building the first truly global cloud content and collaboration. It’s our mission to advance how the world works and today we're making several announcements aimed at helping people get work done securely, seamlessly, and efficiently, all around the world.

Introducing Box Zones in Australia and Canada. We received tremendous feedback after the inaugural launch of Box Zones, Box’s data localization service, in Europe and Asia. Customers were excited with the choice and control that Box Zones provides and have asked that we bring the offering to even more locations. This is why we’re excited to announce that Box Zones, using Amazon Web Services, will also have support for Australia in the Fall and Canada later this year. By providing customers with choices on where their data is stored, we're able to help our customers adhere to the increasing list of data storage requirements internationally.

Box Accelerator enhancements make Box 2-6X faster for businesses across the globe. Given the strong international growth we've seen at Box, we’ve invested in major improvements to our technology that maximize performance for businesses outside of the U.S. We’re now rolling out these advancements to Box Accelerator globally and are seeing dramatic upload speed improvements of 2-6X. With the new Accelerator upgrades Box is now an average of five times faster in Japan, four times faster in Australia, and three times faster in the UK.

Support for international compliance standards. Box now supports compliance with ISO 27018, following on to our current support for compliance with ISO 27001. The International Standards Organization's widely accepted standards help businesses across the globe streamline the protection of personal information, so that our customers can seamlessly work across boundaries with confidence and trust.

In almost every country, banks, healthcare providers, life sciences companies, law firms, and governments are using Box to help secure, manage, and ensure the privacy of their information. Today, nearly half of all activity on Box happens outside of the US, and we’re seeing continued growth from some of the most security-conscious and regulated institutions.

As the world continues to get more complex for businesses working internationally, it’s our job to make collaboration as simple and seamless as possible without sacrificing security and control. By building out our own advanced technology -- as well as partnering with some of the biggest and most powerful platforms like IBM Cloud and Amazon -- we’re helping deliver the first truly global cloud offering to the enterprise. You can expect to see more innovation as we continue to bring Box Zones to new geographies and expand our offerings for global businesses.

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