Use AI to enhance your content with the Box Skills Kit, now generally available

Businesses today manage more information than ever before. Employees waste valuable time searching for files, business processes are mired in manual approvals and data entry, and sensitive information slips through the cracks due to human error. The explosion of data in the enterprise creates a barrier to digital transformation and has impacts across your company.

Meanwhile, artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies have become incredibly powerful in the past few years. Providers of all sizes - from leading cloud providers to disruptive startups - have exposed powerful algorithms that use the power of machine learning to accomplish tasks at a scale never before possible. But, for many IT organizations, taking advantage of these technologies involves writing complicated integrations and fragmenting information across different AI systems.

That’s why we built Box Skills. Box Skills let you use the world’s best AI to enhance your content in Box, creating structure and extracting insights from your information at scale. And today, we're excited to announce that developers can start building custom Box Skills with the Box Skills Kit, now generally available.

To get started, you can head over to the Box Developer Portal.

Box Skills apply AI where your data, people and processes already work - in Box! Skills are bits of code that automatically run whenever files are uploaded to Box and apply AI, like using a computer vision algorithm to detect and label objects in images. You can analyze files using any AI technology you want, even an algorithm you've cooked up internally. A Skill adds any information it extracts from a file as metadata, which users can see and interact with right within the Box user experience. Metadata written by a Skill can also power other Box functionality, like enhancing search or triggering retention policies.

Use AI to enhance your content with the Box Skills Kit, now generally available

With the Box Skills Kit, you can build all sorts of different Skills. For example, you can create Skills that:

  • Label objects or people in images and videos, like company executives or products, to help marketing teams find specific photos faster
  • Extract information from customer contracts, like term, renewal, and pricing, so legal teams don't have to review contracts manually
  • Pull details off of a license or passport, like name, address, and birth date, to help onboard new employees, vendors, or customers faster
  • Detect when customer call recordings contain sensitive data, like credit card numbers or social security numbers, so those recordings don’t fall into the wrong hands

Box Skills makes it easy to connect AI technologies with Box and help you use the power of AI to drive your business forward. Developers can create Skills with just a few steps, with guides and sample code to help them every step of the way. Admins have complete control over where in Box each Skill can operate and exactly what content a Skill can analyze. Once an Admin enables a Skill, users can upload files, and all the magic happens behind the scenes.

We can't wait to see all the Box Skills you build! To get started, developers can visit the Box Developer Portal.

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