Accelerating Digital Business Transformation With Box Platform

I'm taking the stage today at BoxWorks to discuss how developers and customers are transforming their businesses with Box Platform. Yesterday, we made a series of announcements to introduce the all new Box, which reimagines the way we share, collaborate and work using Box's first party apps. But the way we work with each other isn't the only aspect of business that is changing.

More broadly, technology is transforming every aspect of how businesses operate and successful companies will be defined by the quality of the digital experiences and software they create to engage with their customers, partners and employees. Content and collaboration are fundamental to every industry. And Box Platform makes it easy to build Box’s innovative security, content management and collaboration technology into any app. Virtually every industry today is experiencing a massive refactoring of their business models, products and services.

That's why today, we're announcing several updates to our Box Platform capabilities and new tools for developers building with Box Platform. These new capabilities and tools will help Box's community of more than 80,000 developers, making more than 7 billion calls to our APIs each month, build amazing content experiences in their apps. We're always working to ensure that Box delivers a best-in-class developer experience, and today, we're announcing new programs and expanded support for our growing developer ecosystem.

You can watch the entire keynote, including all the announcements and incredible customer demos, here. If you want to dive even deeper on all the Box Platform announcements at BoxWorks, register for our upcoming webinar.

New Content Types
Yesterday, Box announced support for HD videos, 360 images and videos, 3D models, and VR files coming to the Box web and mobile apps. Today, we're announcing support for these new file types, available via the Get Embed Link endpoint of the Box Content API. Using this endpoint, you can display interactive viewers for a more than 120 different file types in their apps.

Additionally, we're excited to announce that annotations on file previews is now available in beta. Using the Get Embed Link endpoint, you can allow your users to highlight text and add point-and-click comments on viewers of files in their apps for documents, images, and PDFs.

The new file types are available for web applications today and will be available for mobile applications in the coming months. Annotations are available today in beta for web applications. You can learn more here.

The Box UI Kit
Building amazing user experiences is by no means a simple task. To help developers build better user experiences with content, we're announcing the Box UI Kit, a series of five pre-built user interface components derived from the all new Box web app. The five components are Preview, Navigate, Picker, Upload, and Feed. These components will allow developers to modularly build rich and engaging experiences with content in their apps.

Box UI Kit

The Box UI Kit components will be available throughout the rest of the year and the first of these, Preview, is available now.

Security and Governance APIs
Beyond just the user experience, the applications that developers and customers build transform legacy business processes. To help developers build applications that meet all their business requirements, we're announcing four new APIs for digitizing business processes. These APIs include:

  • Retention Policy API: an API to create and manage automated policies to control preservation and permanent deletion of content in an app.
  • Legal Hold Policy API: an API to place a hold on content in your app to preserve files and metadata and prevent information deletion or modification.
  • Watermarking API: an API to apply a transparent watermark displaying a user's email address and time of access on a file preview using the Get Embed Link endpoint of the Box Content API.
  • Folder Metadata API: an API to define and store custom data associated with folders stored in an app.

The Retention Policy API, Legal Hold Policy API, and Folder Metadata API are available today and the Watermarking API will be released in the coming months. You can learn more about the security and governance APIs here.

The All New Box Developer Console
More than just our capabilities, we at Box strive to make building with Box as easy as possible for developers. Today, we're introducing a major overhaul to the experience and functionality of the Box Developer Console. The all new Box Developer Console includes a completely new user interface, guided walkthroughs for configuring applications based on a use case, easy access to support and documentation, and a simple feedback mechanism.

Box Developer Console

The new Box Developer Console is available in beta today. Developers can learn more and enable the new Box Developer Console here.

Service Accounts
To support developers and customers building enterprise integrations and server-to-server applications, we're announcing Service Accounts. Service Accounts are a type of Box account that represents your application in an enterprise instance of Box, and give you a whole new way to access Box Platform.

Service Accounts allow you to work with large volumes of content for use cases such as bulk ingestion of millions of documents, mass content publishing and distribution, or content scanning and e-discover. Service Accounts leverage the same JSON Web Token-based authentication model as App Users, and simplify server-side development and token management with Box Platform. With a refined permission model and an improved architecture, Service Accounts can be authorized to operate across an entire enterprise's content, with full auditing and oversight of actions, or scoped to just your specific application content. Service Accounts also enable machine users that need to create or access data programmatically, such as an MRI system or a drone data collection service operating in the field. This allows you to use Box Platform to enable enterprise system and industrial IoT use cases.

Box Platform Incubator with Amazon Web Services

Finally, in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), we're excited to launch the Box Platform Incubator. The next great enterprise apps will be cloud-based and massively scalable, have user experiences that rival leading consumer applications, and meet the security and compliance requirements of the enterprise.

To support the development of these apps, the Box Platform Incubator offers free services from Box and AWS usage credits along with marketing opportunities and mentorship from Box and AWS experts. Companies interested in applying for the program will be able to apply beginning on October 1, 2016. Learn more at:

Your job is to build amazing next generation apps and our job is to give you the tools to do so. With today's announcements, we're continuing to deliver on our promise to make it easier than ever to build with Box Platform.

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