5 things you may not have known you could do with Box

Do you feel like you're just scratching the surface of what your Box account can do for you and your team? Over the years, we've built lots of simple tools into Box that will make you infinitely more productive — if you know about them. Do you know how to embed your Box content into other locations? Have you ever created template files to maintain version control? Does your team use Box Notes for real-time collaboration?

Here are some quick tips which you can see in action live in our webinar on Aug 9:

Bookmarks — Maintain a clean "master" copy of file in one Box location, but "clone" that file to as many Box folders as you want using a bookmark to the Box shared link to the original source file. Now, whenever you update the master file, those updates appear everywhere else, too, so you can keep everyone on the most recent version of your file(s) without having to duplicate efforts across all those various folders.

Tasks — Give your colleagues an "assignment" in Box and be automatically notified via email when they complete (or decline!) the task. Box sends automatic reminders to those who haven't completed their tasks; and you can manage your complete list of outstanding tasks — both those you've assigned to colleagues and the pending tasks you need to complete. You can even assign tasks to yourself!

Box Notes — This is how every team meeting starts at Box! A Box Note means easy real-time multi-user editing, so that even remote teams can collaborate seamlessly for team brainstorming sessions, meeting agendas and minutes, crowd-sourced FAQs, or even just individual work like note-taking for client calls or to-do lists.

Access Stats — Are you ever about to jump on a call with a colleague or a client, and wonder if they actually looked at the file you sent them in advance of the meeting? Use Box Access Stats to track every time someone has looked at or downloaded one of your files — it's a great way to know which of your files are the getting the most attention. Or an easy way for managers to check if anyone has looked over the agenda before a team meeting.

Box Edit — You may already know that Box Edit allows you edit files directly from Box, without downloading to your desktop first. But did you know that Box Edit works for any file type that you can edit on your desktop/laptop computer? So feel free to move beyond everyday files like word processing documents or PDFs to audio, image, video, DICOM... whatever file types you need to get your work done!

If you haven't yet mastered using Bookmarks, Tasks, Box Notes, Access Stats and/or Box Edit, this interactive webinar will send you away with Box mastery.

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