Drag and Drop it Like it's Hot, Powered by HTML5

"What feature would make you use Box more?" This simple question was the challenge for our first-ever Box Hack Olympics. And since uploading content to Box is an essential first step to using the product, CJ and I decided to design a better way to get your files into Box. What's the easiest, most intuitive way to do this? Simply dragging files from your desktop into Box. Using the latest HTML5 web standard, we debuted this new feature at the Hack Olympics, and with some help from Len, we're excited to announce that "drag and drop" is now integrated into Box on Firefox 3.6 and Chrome for PC (with support for Safari and Chrome on all platforms coming in the next few weeks). Check out the video below and see for yourself how easy it now is to get content into Box: This solution may be simple, but the technology behind it is incredibly powerful. HTML5 is going to revolutionize the way we engage with web applications. Using HTML5, we can build faster, richer and more interactive features with native browser support. Without getting too geeky, we're really excited about the new ServerSent and Web Socket APIs, which will allow us to bring a richer, real-time experience to Box. Other new functionalities that are being implemented across the web include support for GeoLocation and native media. These capabilities will generate a new breed of web applications that will blur the line between the desktop and browser. We're already exploring more ways to enrich your Box experience using HTML5. Functions like pausing/resuming uploads, offline caching, and multiple file select for uploads are now on our product roadmap. So let us know what you think of "drag and drop," and get excited for some exciting upcoming features. Post by Tomas Barreto, Software Engineer