Customer spotlight: Box Powers Secure Collaboration for Investor DFJ

When Managing Director Josh Stein and Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ) originally invested in in 2006, they had no idea that Box would become a large part of their day-to-day workflow. Fast forward to 2010, and Box is used to share and manage content within DFJ and beyond. Stein professes, “It’s been amazing the amount of time and effort that Box has saved us versus the status quo of how we were used to doing things.”

Stein’s team turned to Box when they were looking for a solution that could be used to easily and securely share information with companies in their portfolio. Security was critical in their evaluation of different services, and Box came out ahead. Says Stein, “Once we looked at it we realized that using Box was a significant upgrade in terms of the security of information than from the systems we were using internally.”

The DFJ team has adopted Box at a rapid pace because of its ease of use and the efficiency it adds to the exchange of information. Instead of having to request and exchange files in an ad hoc manner, they now upload content to Box, where colleagues can access content in real-time thanks to email notifications and the updates tab. “We see Box as one of a very small number of companies at the vanguard of taking advantage of this move to the cloud to enable workers of companies of all types to take their productivity to the next level,” added Stein.

We like to keep our investors happy, and counting DFJ as a satisfied customer certainly can't hurt.

Post by Nick Noyer, Product Marketing Manager