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Box Content

The Box Content API lets you take advantage of best-in-class content management and collaboration features to power or customize your business apps.

  • Built for Business Use the Content API to integrate with existing systems, automate work processes and build custom apps on the same enterprise grade API that powers the Box application.
  • Highly Secure With support for single sign-on, file encryption in transit and at rest, built-in granular permissions and access settings, you can focus on innovation instead of worrying about security.
  • Delivering Intelligence Leverage audit data and event notifications to view, analyze and react to what's happening in your account, organization or app in real-time.

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Integrate Online Using Content API with Box Feature



Metadata enhances your content by letting you define, add and query custom fields to any file, folder or object stored in Box.

  • Make Content Findable Data fields you can customize let you quickly capture, tag and surface the essential context behind the business documents you use every day.
  • Drive Efficiency and Productivity Pairing contextual data to your content lets you create powerful content-based workflows and repeatable business processes with ease.
  • Enable a New Class of Information Driven Apps Through the Box API, metadata and content in Box can be connected with, sent-to or shared with any application or device.
Enhance Data With Box Metadata Efficiency and Productivity

Box View

Box View powers the most elegant content interaction on any screen by easily converting PDF and Office documents to formats that display beautifully in web and mobile apps.

  • Crisp Rendering Vector-based rendering ensures your content looks its best on any screen, the way it was intended to be shared.
  • Fast File Load With smooth scrolling, zooming, and text selection. Your audience can quickly access what they need, without having to download large PDF and Office files.
  • Easy to Customize Whether it's by applying custom branding or stunning visual animations, join hundreds of customers including Oracle, Xero and UberConference using Box View within their applications.

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Easy Customization For Files and Data Online with Box View


Box Embed

Box Embed lets you easily integrate Box folders and files with the other applications your business uses every day.

  • Pre-Built Integrations Through the Embed-based integration, access Box right from the most popular business applications such as Salesforce, NetSuite, Jive and more.
  • Versatile and Flexible Take any Box folder and put it on your intranet, website, portal or even Microsoft SharePoint. Access and share files easily and securely.
  • The Full Box Experience Box Embed packs all the features you love about Box – including Edit, drag-and-drop and security tools.

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