Build transformative apps for your business, powered by the Box Platform

Not long ago, I joined Box after three years leading Syncplicity at EMC. I came to Box because it was apparent that this company not only has an enormous opportunity to change the way people work, but also to power the underlying technology for the next-generation of business applications. The world of enterprise software is being completely refactored, driven by a confluence of factors: the rise of cloud technologies, the consumerization of IT, the declining cost of storage, and mobility. And Box sits at the center of these trends.

Today at BoxWorks, we took a major step towards becoming a true platform company, announcing a new way for customers and partners to build enterprise apps with the Box Platform. By leveraging the powerful technology that we've built in the core Box service over the last ten years, the Box Platform will enable anyone to create apps that are tailored to their business and accessible for anyone in their extended ecosystem. We fundamentally believe that every company needs to think like a technology company, investing in and creating new digital experiences that connect them to their customers, partnersand suppliers. And developing and delivering on these experiences will become a critical priority for thriving in the digital era.

As companies become digital enterprises, we'll see them using technology not just to accomplish a single task, but to transform how they connect and collaborate with everyone in their extended ecosystem. We saw this on display today when a financial services company demonstrated how they're leveraging the Box Platform to create a secure place where advisors can connect with their clients around the world to review important financial information and make smarter investment decisions.

We've spent last ten years building technology that powers enterprise content management and collaboration for more than 50% of the Fortune 500. With the Box Platform, we're giving you those same capabilities - so you don't have to build it yourself - making it ridiculously easy for businesses and partners to build amazing apps for their respective ecosystems.

When you build and deploy an app on the Box Platform, Box is completely invisible to the users of the app. This new user model - which we introduced at Box Dev - is called App Users. App Users don't have to log into Box, creating a frictionless experience between the app and the user, powered by Box. 

Next month, customers and developers can start creating apps on the Box Platform, and bring all the amazing features around content management, content experience, and content security to their users. Box Platform is available in two plans, Developer and Enterprise. Our Developer plan is free, and perfect for customers and developers to design and test their apps. The Enterprise plan is designed for customers building apps that are in production, complete with all the resources they need.

You can sign up to learn more or contact your sales representative. Developers can sign up for our open beta and check out our tutorial for building on the Box Platform.