BoxWorks 2015: New Offerings that Reimagine Content Management and Collaboration

Today at BoxWorks, I shared some exciting new ways that Box is building the next-generation enterprise content management and collaboration platform. The way enterprises work has fundamentally changed and we're reimagining enterprise content management for the new way of work. At this morning's keynote, we shared innovations in four key areas: modernized content management, secure collaboration, new levels of choice to cloud infrastructure, and progress on our strategic partnership with IBM. Here's what we announced:

Content management for modern work styles

We first launched Box Governance in June to help businesses meet their legal and regulatory requirements for content collaboration. Today we announced Legal Holds will be added to Box Governance in 2016 to simplify the defensible discovery process by allowing customers to put a hold on content stored in Box. For example, customers who face litigation can meet their legal obligation to properly preserve content stored in Box that might be relevant to a lawsuit by applying a Legal Hold, preventing that content from being deleted from Box for the duration of the case.

Secure collaboration

Increasingly, sensitive content needs to be shared with people you don't manage and devices you don't control. Your business needs a solution that enables this secure collaboration without disrupting user experience. Today we introduced some powerful new information rights management capabilities to transform how you keep content secure. In addition to Document Watermarking, we'll add support for Device Trust to provide intelligent control over sensitive content without impacting the simple user experience you expect. Coming later this year, Device Trust will let Box administrators validate a device's security posture before authorizing end-user access from that device to content in Box. This ensures that only secure devices, such as those that are corporate managed or encrypted, can access Box, even if they are owned by individual users.

Flexible infrastructure

We have always believed in giving you control over your organization's Box experience, and now you can have more flexibility in managing your cloud infrastructure. Earlier this year we introduced Box Enterprise Key Management (EKM), which enables customers to manage their own encryption keys for Box content, leveraging Amazon Web Services Hardware Security Modules (CloudHSM). Today we shared a second EKM solution that will be available next year. Box EKM will also support the new Amazon Web Services Key Management Service (KMS), which makes it easy for Box customers to manage their own encryption keys in the cloud, without the added complexity or cost of managing an HSM.

We're also seeing customers integrate Box into more of their content-heavy processes and business systems. To provide better management of bandwidth and more direct connectivity for content-heavy applications, we're giving customers the ability to choose their own network connection to Box. We're enabling this through integrations with dedicated network solutions including AT&T NetBond, available later this year, NTT, available next year, and more to come.

We've seen how choice in encryption and network connectivity can accelerate cloud adoption, and we're excited to share another way highly regulated and international enterprises can meet regulatory and data residency requirements. We're working to integrate Box with services like IBM's SoftLayer to give customers the option to choose their cloud storage so they can standardize on one provider while still preserving the Box experience.

Delivering joint solutions with IBM

Since announcing our partnership with IBM in June, we've been hard at work making good on our promise to deliver world-class solutions and transform how enterprises work in the cloud. We're thrilled to share that two integrations are available today: IBM Content Navigator with Box, a way for joint customers to search content across on-premise and Box environments with a single integrated view, and IBM StoredIQ with Box, a way for customers to search on-premise and Box-based data, classify it and upload to the Box Platform. Two more integrations will be available later this year: IBM Case Manager with Box and IBM Datacap. Read more here.

It's not a matter of if content management moves to the cloud, it's how soon. With today's announcements on cloud content management, new approaches to security, and flexible cloud infrastructure, we're excited to help businesses of all sizes make this transition.

Want to learn more about these capabilities? Register for our BoxWorks Recap Webinar where I'll be diving deeper into each of these areas.