Box's Next Act: Box for Industries

When we first got the idea for Box back in 2004, we imagined a future where you could get to your files and data from anywhere. The world was very different back then: colorless 16MB BlackBerry phones dominated the business smartphone market, storage -- compacted into 200GB drives -- was prohibitively expensive to scale, and ubiquitous high-speed internet was a concept in its infancy. In the decade that followed, of course, mobility, storage and connectivity all changed dramatically. Today, nearly every business process involves multiple people working from mobile devices, collaborating with partners and clients outside the corporate network and across geographies. The legacy enterprise software stack simply no longer suffices. The IT department has responded to the new demands of today's workplace. Deploying solutions like Box, Salesforce, Workday, MobileIron, Jive, Okta, Airwatch, Zendesk, and many others leads to a much more user-centric enterprise IT strategy. For the first time, employees can safely work with the very best tools for the task at hand, CISOs are happy with better visibility and control of data, and the IT organization can begin to focus on delivering differentiated technology experiences. But this is just the start. Once you look beyond the definition of traditional IT, a far bigger shift is taking place. We're entering an era of unprecedented business transformation, driven by the same set of trends that led to user-centric IT. Mobile, cloud, internet ubiquity, and an explosion of data are beginning to not only change the way companies' employees work, but the very products they build and the business models that power them. Pearson, for instance, is challenging the status-quo in publishing by delivering its content to students digitally. Netflix has reinvented the modern television network by leveraging advanced personalization and using data to drive content acquisition decisions. Stanford Health Care is determined to reinvent the hospital via tele-medicine and new digital tools, partnering more closely with research and aligning new business models with quality -- not quantity -- of care. Each of these businesses have innovated through their unique use of information and technology. In working with leading organizations such as these, we've found that every enterprise faces challenges and opportunities that are unique to their industry. Healthcare transformation can only happen in the context of adhering to stringent privacy laws. Industrial giants, like GE, manage a global worker population and massive amounts of data. To best serve our customers, Box's approach must therefore be equally unique and differentiated. This is why we're announcing Box for Industries, a new initiative to accelerate business transformation in every business by combining tailored solutions leveraging Box's metadata, workflow, compliance, and platform capabilities; industry-specific applications from curated third-party developers and partners; and world-class implementation services from Box and key system integrator partners. Industries While we're building out solutions and expertise for every major industry, Box is initially launching in Retail, Healthcare, and Media & Entertainment, three industries where we've worked with launch customers and partners to co-design solutions for each market. We're thrilled to be working with incredible brands like Barneys New York, Sephora and Aeropostale for Retail; Stanford Health Care, MD Anderson Center, and St Joseph Health for Healthcare; and Comcast, Fox, Legendary Pictures, and Dolby for Media & Entertainment; among many others. Finally, we can't do this alone. Not only will we be leveraging our broad ecosystem of tens of thousands of developers and partners to deliver advanced solutions and integrated workflows for these industries, but we'll need the help of strategic partners to help with this digital transformation. The first of these partners will be Accenture, the leading global systems integrator, who will be building out a practice based on the Box platform. Box and Accenture share thousands of customers, and we look forward to working jointly with them to advance our capabilities in each industry. We're grateful to our customers for helping us to understand their challenges and opportunities. We are at one of the most exciting moments in history when it comes to innovation in IT intersecting with innovation in business. Today marks an important next step in Box's journey, as we partner with our customers on an entirely new level to help them transform their organizations. Let’s go build how tomorrow works. Aaron