Box + Symantec: A Safer Way to Work in the Cloud

At Box, we are committed to delivering secure, centralized, cloud-native content services to our customers worldwide. Cloud Content Management (CCM) is this secure way of bringing people, information, and applications together to revolutionize how we work.

We continually invest in reinforcing the security and resiliency embedded across our CCM product portfolio, and partnering with industry-leading security innovators is an integral part of our push towards delivering cloud content services that have security, governance, and compliance capabilities built in.

Today, we are excited to announce the expansion of one such partnership with Symantec, a global leader in cybersecurity. Visibility and policy enforcement capabilities are critical to our customers handling sensitive content, and starting today, Symantec CloudSOC and Cloud DLP will be integrated with the Box Security Classification feature.

Box helps enterprises reduce risk by meeting their legal, regulatory, compliance, and security requirements for content management in the cloud, and the Security Classification feature augments the resilience built into Box by protecting sensitive content with intelligent policies.

Box Security Classification enables customers to classify content based on their confidentiality, and enforce policies associated with that confidentiality level. This new integration will enable enterprises to benefit from the combined Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and content security capabilities provided by Box and Symantec, by automating the classification process, and helping businesses leverage existing investments in DLP systems. The expanded partnership between Box and Symantec is another example of our commitment to delivering a secure cloud experience to our enterprise customers, and facilitating the migration to the cloud, by establishing strong partnerships with industry leaders.

For more information on Security Classification, check out our previous announcement. Please also visit the Symantec blog for more details on how the new integration works in practice, and contact your account team with any more questions on this exciting partnership!