Introducing Box Relay: Workflow Made Simple

Tomorrow on stage at BoxWorks, my team will be sharing a set of announcements that reimagine how people work with their information and with each other to achieve amazing results. With some of our biggest enhancements to date, the all new Box is where all your work comes together. And today, we’re unveiling a critical component of the all new Box with our first-ever workflow product, Box Relay.

When it comes to quickly and easily completing repeatable work, businesses of every size face major hurdles. We’ve heard it from our customers: most workflow tools in the market today are expensive, cumbersome and fragmented. That’s why so many people still rely on ad-hoc, manual solutions like email, spreadsheets and task software. Technology shouldn’t slow your business down, it should help you move faster and achieve more. That’s why we built Box Relay.

Box Relay, a new kind of workflow software

Box Relay is a new kind of workflow software that allows anyone to easily create custom workflows and help get work done faster. Leveraging IBM's deep expertise in the space and Box's focus on simple and intuitive user experiences, Box Relay handles the entire workflow process, start to finish.

From processing invoices, reviewing and approving contracts, to on-boarding new employees, Box Relay makes automating these tasks a breeze. Box Relay allows anyone in your business to build, track and manage workflows in real-time, resulting in a far more efficient and consistent experiences for every process. Box Relay is unique in a number of ways, but here are just a few:

Box Relay empowers employees and reduces IT dependency. With an intuitive design that allows anyone to build custom workflows or leverage a catalog of existing workflows, Box Relay allows IT teams to focus on more important work while giving employees a better way to streamline and automate their processes. You can use the wizard to build a customized process or select a pre-built template from your company's repository of workflows.

Makes processes seamless across the ‘extended enterprise’. Because it’s built on Box, Box Relay allows workflows to extend securely between both internal and external teams. Customers, vendors or partners can be assigned tasks, so the process does not break down when content flows across or between organizations.

Reduces the time people spend managing their projects. With a dashboard providing real-time visibility, email notifications that alert people when items are assigned and overdue, and an audit trail that provides transparency on every action taken in every workflow, people no longer have to worry about missed deadlines, updating people on the status, or reporting and tracking. Actions can even be assigned to others mid-stream, so work doesn't fall behind when others are out or unavailable.

Leverages all the benefits of Box. Box Relay is built into the platform you already use to manage your content, with the same features, functionality and design you already know and trust. And content is protected throughout the workflow with audit trails, permissions and data protection. And with deep integrations into Office 365, Salesforce, Adobe and the other productivity tools businesses use most, Box now provides a single source of truth for all of your information.

Just the beginning from Box and IBM

Box Relay is the first solution co-developed by Box and IBM and it's raising the bar for workflow in the cloud. No one has created a tool that is so intuitive to use and that makes it so easy to work with external participants -- and in a way that offers all the integrated benefits of a content management platform. This is just the beginning from Box and IBM. Together, we are uniquely positioned to solve this problem around empowering people to more efficiently manage their workflows, and we will continue to invest in ways that allow people to work smarter and get their work done faster.

Box Relay helps people spend less time on processes so they can focus on the work that really matters.  Box Relay is tentatively scheduled to be generally available in the first half of 2017. To learn more about Box Relay, visit us at