Box and IBM Partner to Transform Work in the Cloud

At Box, we're building out a platform that enables enterprises to become more digital. This means enabling life sciences organizations to collaborate on drug research, empowering financial institutions to accept and process loans without ever printing a piece of paper, and working with government institutions to dramatically speed up processes to drive better outcomes.

We obviously can't do this alone. Our unique area of expertise at Box is providing next-generation content management and collaboration that delivers an incredible experience for individuals, while meeting the needs of the largest of enterprises. But there are many core technologies that our customers leverage to get work done. Some are other productivity suites, like Microsoft Office, and others are rich platforms that serve as the backbone of a company, powering their most critical workflows. IBM has long held this position in large enterprises, serving industries like healthcare, financial services, retail, energy, education, and more.

Today, we're teaming up with IBM to deliver world-class solutions to transform how enterprises work in the cloud. We're taking the best of Box's technology and combining it with IBM's impressive portfolio of leading security, analytics, content management, and social capabilities to jointly create all new offerings and outcomes for customers. IBM will also be leveraging Box's platform and APIs in their iOS applications as a part of their MobileFirst initiative. And for the first time, Box is going to let customers choose a partner's cloud platform for their data storage, which will enable existing IBM customers or enterprises in key international markets to store their data locally in-region.

With this global partnership, the systems that are at the heart of major enterprises will work in concert with the technology powering end-user collaboration and sharing. A retailer will be able to connect their back-office workflows with the content needed to help a retail store associate deliver a more personalized shopping experience, and a healthcare provider will be able to leverage IBM's analytics to serve up relevant health information to drive better patient engagement.

This partnership represents the work of hundreds of individuals over the past nine months, bringing together the strengths of two very different but similarly-motivated companies. IBM was founded more than 100 years ago to push business technology forward, and continues to be the longest lasting and most durable company in the tech industry. We couldn’t be prouder to be able to work with them as we work toward creating the digital enterprise.

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