Box Integration for Slack

At Slack, we make it our mission to help people work together, wherever work may take them. A crucial part of bringing all of a team’s communication into one instantly searchable place is knowing the files your team needs will always be close at hand.

Many of Slack's 750,000 active users also use Box to share, access and manage their business content with colleagues and partners. So, not too long ago, we set out to build an integration with Box that makes it as easy as possible to see and share your Box content within Slack. We know many of you have been asking for this integration and, very excitingly, it’s now here!

How the Integration Works
The integration is ultra-super-mega-simple to use; a Slack user can import a file from Box through the Box file picker or simply by pasting a shared link from Box into Slack. When we detect a Box shared link in Slack, we’ll prompt you to authenticate your Box account and automatically import Box shared links from then onward.

We use Box’s /shared_items endpoint to identify and import files to Slack from shared Box links. Once a file has been added into Slack through either method, two additional things happen. First, the file is indexed for searching in Slack so that users can find Box files alongside other messages and files shared in Slack.

Second, we use Webhooks to listen for any updates to Box files that have been previously shared in Slack. When a new version of a file is uploaded in Box, we reindex the file so that the latest version always appears in search. The imported file is linked to the original on Box, so you can easily return to Box and its full context at any time. Only Box files that you’ve explicitly shared into Slack will be indexed and updated.

When Will the Integration be Available?
The Box integration with Slack is available now and can be added to your Slack team here: We’re proud of the work we’ve done with Box to get this integration ready for everyone, and are looking forward to doing more amazing things with Box in the glorious future.