Box Improves Business Turnaround Times by 18%

We hear story after story about how Box fundamentally changes the way our customers do business. For example, physicians at Wake Forest save precious minutes in the emergency room by using Box on iPads to review medical procedures. Broadview Mortgage built custom software using the Box API to automate its loan appraisal process, saving the small business roughly 40 hours each week. Sunbelt Rentals, one of the largest equipment rental companies in the U.S., armed its entire sales team with iPads powered by Box to allow them to close deals faster. The common thread is that Box helps businesses become more efficient, productive, and cost-effective. To quantify Box’s impact, we decided to survey 320 of our enterprise customers in December of 2012. We used TechValidate, a third-party research tool, to send out a 10-question survey to 2,000 enterprise customers, 320 of whom completed the survey. All companies had been using Box for at least nine months and had at least 10 managed users on their account. Here’s what we learned: For more Box customer statistics (and more information on the survey methodology), explore our content library on TechValidate.