Introducing Box Developer Edition: A fundamentally new way to build on the Box platform

Today at Box Dev, we unveiled Box Developer Edition, a fundamentally new way to build on the Box platform that allows you to seamlessly bring the full power of Box into your application. Here's how it works:

Box Developer Edition gives you:

  • An independent, developer-owned Box instance — with full Box enterprise functionality — dedicated to your app.
  • A new user and authentication model that makes it incredibly easy to create new Box users for your application. You own the users, the content, and the authentication and can bring a seamless user experience tailored to your customers.
  • All of Box's critical enterprise-grade functionality that more than half the Fortune 500 already trust and that you need to build (and sell) transformative software for businesses.

This last point is really important. We've spent ten years building the robust technologies needed to meet the requirements of enterprise customers, going light years beyond commodity cloud storage offerings. We know first hand that without these capabilities in place, it's very difficult to sell to the enterprise. We’ve built full text search, content encryption, advanced permissions, secure collaboration, and compliance — all the capabilities that you as a developer would have to build yourself when working with commodity cloud storage. This means you can get to market faster with the security and scale the enterprise demands.

As we shared in today's keynote presentation, here's an example of how Box Developer Edition can be leveraged in real life with Box platform partner, Exitround.

First, a sign-in page where the user can define themselves as a "buyer" or a "seller" - the key audiences that Exit Round is bringing together in their marketplace:

Once you're logged in, you see the main UI:

And behind the scenes, all of the core content interactions, metadata, events and permissions can then be powered by Box's content API:

Content is central to almost every enterprise app, which means you can build powerful and highly-collaborative applications for almost every industry. Box Developer Edition gives you an incredible new engine for channeling innovation and getting apps to market that are enterprise-ready on day one.

To learn more about this exciting new technology, check out the documentation.

If you have any questions, please ask on our developer forum in Box Community.