Verold Joining Box to Drive Next-Generation Viewing Experiences for 3D Projects

I’m incredibly excited to share that we’re acquiring Verold, bringing its innovative team and interactive 3D viewing technology to Box. Founded in 2010, Verold has developed a powerful online visual editor for rendering 3D content into interactive presentations on the web. Verold has built their solution through pioneering development with WebGL, the modern standard for delivering high performing graphics processing to the web. At Box, the Verold team will bring its technology and deep talent to enable transformative experiences on the web and mobile in key industries like manufacturing, retail, consumer products, and more.

When we first started Box 10 years ago, we wanted to fundamentally change how people access information online and digitize their business processes. Today, we’re finding that nearly every industry is experiencing information-driven transformation in unique ways, and the acquisition of Verold will allow us to go even farther than ever imagined.

Take for example a commercial construction contractor, faced with the challenge of collaborating on multiple projects at once with partners and contractors, or previewing detailed design drawings when in the field. Or an athletic wear retailer tasked with delivering the latest product design iterations across geographically dispersed teams.Being able to perform these workflows, right from a web browser, without having to download any additional software is a game-changing proposition in many industries.

And this only became possible in the past couple of years as WebGL became a ubiquitous standard in modern web browsers. It's these rapid changes in technology pervasiveness that have allowed for amazing progress to occur; previously complicated and expensive solutions can now become democratized across a large number of individuals and businesses.

At Box, we’re deeply invested in finding and developing industry-focused solutions to help businesses achieve their greatest ambitions. We’re also focused on building a platform that provides all-new use cases and capabilities for over 45,000 enterprise customers who choose Box because of our ability to balance security with a seamless user experience. Together with Verold's innovative 3D conversion and viewing technology, we’re going to unlock powerful, new approaches for previewing, annotating, and collaborating on mission-critical information.

Look forward to more updates on the content workflows that Verold's technology will help support. And visit here to learn more about how Box is helping to accelerate business transformation for every industry.