You Voted, Here They Are: Meet Box's Cloud Converts

A few weeks ago, we announced our first ever Cloud Converts Contest, where we asked you, the Box community, to share your stories of how the cloud (and Box!) has helped you revolutionize your business. The amount of great stories we received overwhelmed us - in a good way - and, truth be told, we had a pretty difficult time picking the finalists. After much deliberation, we picked 25 stories and let you vote for the winners. In the end, you picked 5 members of the Box community to receive Android Galaxy Tabs and a spot in Box's Cloud Hall of Fame. Check out excerpts from their stories below:

Amy Feist, COO, DRI Consulting We love Box. Our company made the leap a few years ago. Our server was corrupt and we needed to do something. After much research and great reviews on Box we decided to take the leap. We jumped all in. We moved all our company information to Box's cloud and saved thousands by not having to buy another server. Box offers the flexibility, security and convenience to work from anywhere. We will never go back!

Matt Cici, Filmmaker, Lambent Fuse Our project survives only with the cloud. With the cloud, we are able to write and share press releases, versions of marketing materials, etc. and sync them across all of our helpers. We also pride ourselves with being green, and that's one more reason the cloud is perfect!

Nick Torres, The Studio Theatre What don't we do with I work for a small non-profit that isn't exactly a hot bed of IT knowledge. As the guy who does the IT support, being able to transfer files securely to clients without setting up ftp or worrying about mailbox size limits is amazing. Collaboration is a breeze, my bosses have a folder on their desktop and they don't care how the magic works, they just love that they can get their files anywhere they go. To top it off, I can share files from Box on my mobile phone. How can you beat that?

Brian Lauderdale Thank you cloud, thank you Box. Making me a winner WHENEVER and WHEREVER I need it. Christopher Warrington, VP of Communications, Directrix Computer Solutions Since we started to show people the benefits (both in productivity and costs) of switching to the cloud, our company has grown by leaps and bounds. I can now be on the road meeting with clients, and be confident that the latest proposals, presentations and demos are all up-to-date and available on my iPad. If I am away from my iPad, and meet a potential customer, I can securely show them the benefits of the cloud on my mobile phone. And when I am at home, I have the ability to work with my PC co-workers while using my Mac. All because of the cloud.

We'll be posting even more stories in the coming weeks, so check back often for more tales from the Cloud Converts crew. If you weren't able to tell others your story this time, don't despair - we'll have more ways to share you stories (and win cool stuff) later this year. A big thanks to everyone who participated!

Post by Mark Saldaña, Community Manager