Year in Review: Box's Top Five for 2010

As the holidays approach, you might be prone to say, "Wow, this year's gone by fast." Time flies when you're having fun and it's been quite a year. We've introduced some really awesome additions to Box this year - too many to cover in one sitting. But we thought it would be fun to look back and highlight some of the biggest ones for 2010, as we prepare for an even better 2011.

Making Box more mobile

This has been a huge year in mobile. Introduction of the iPad, Samsung's Android tablet and new smartphone entries like Windows Phone 7 have fueled consumer adoption in mobile devices, which has also spread into the enterprise. That's why we've been hard at work making Box accessible from even more mobile devices. When we launched Box for iPad in time for iPad's launch weekend, it was widely touted as a business app to watch. We followed that up with our hugely successful iPad campaign with D7 Consulting, showing how a cloud service like Box and the iPad could open up game-changing possibilities for any business. Most recently, we added offline access in our iPhone and iPad apps, so you could access Box files even without a Wi-Fi or data connection. Then we capped it off by teaching Android some new tricks with Box for Android, a featured app in the Android Marketplace.

Collaborative desktop sync

We're big believers in the notion that your organization's content is infinitely more valuable when it's centralized and accessible to the right people. We know that the vast majority of content is still created in desktop applications - and they often stay there. Box Sync changes all that, letting you sync files on your desktop to Box. But Box Sync goes beyond simple desktop sync - it was made for collaborative business environments from the start. You can also sync any folder on Box to your desktop, including collaboration folders. Members of your team can all sync a shared folder to their desktop. Any time someone makes an edit to a file, it syncs to Box and you - and everyone synced to that folder - gets an automatic notification that changes have been made, so you can always access the latest content.

It's available to Box Business and Enterprise users - and best of all, it's free. Get it today.

Never worry about storage again

We moved even closer to giving every business "the infinite cloud," where you never have to worry about storage. We increased storage across all our plans - 500 GB for Business and unlimited storage for Enterprise plans. We even increased storage on our free plans to 5 GB. Why? For us, it's always been about what you can do with content - the ability to work from anywhere, collaborate in refreshingly simple and productive ways and connect content to other apps and devices. It's another big way Box takes traditional worries out of the equation, whether it's storage, bandwidth limitations, upgrades and patches.

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Integrations with popular business apps

This was also the year for "connecting clouds." Box's open platform makes it incredibly easy to connect content to other best-of-breed business apps. We addressed one of the most popular requests from customers, integrating Box with Google Apps. Together, they provide a complete enterprise package in the cloud, combining our cloud content management platform with Google Apps' suite of communication and collaboration services. We also launched key CRM integrations, notably with a refreshed Box for Salesforce CRM and ones forNetSuite and Sugar CRM.

A better experience in your browser

When it comes to any cloud service, the browser is where the rubber meets the road, so to speak. Box provides a great experience with an intuitive interface and powerful features. But we recognize that you can make big strides in usability by making simple tasks, like viewing and uploading content, even easier.

We made it easy to view content right in your browser - whether it's a document, presentation, media file or even an Adobe Illustrator file, you can view it all seamlessly in Box. This is a big advantage when you share files, since you don't have to worry about whether someone has the right application to view it.

Last but not least, we leveraged HTML5 technology, which lets you drag and drop files straight from your desktop right into Box in your browser. It's the kind of technology that opens up a lot of possibilities, which we intend to deliver even more of in the coming year.

What's next?

This year has been incredible. In the midst of all this, we never forget that we're doing this all for you, our customers. As great a year as it's been, we're just getting started. Get ready, because we can't wait to show you what's coming for 2011.

And while we're at it - what are your favorite Box additions for 2010? Post a comment, tweet @boxdotnet or leave a note on our Facebook page.