With Box for iPad, Boldly Go Where No Tablet Has Gone Before

After many, many months' longing, I finally got these hands on my very own iPad. And after booting up the new Box app, let me just tell you: This "tablet for the enterprise" would be right at home on the USS Enterprise.

I admit it – I've daydreamed a little more than is probably normal about taking this puppy for a spin in the 24th Century.

Picture it: There's Captain Picard, Earl Grey tea (hot) at hand, iPad in hand, proofing a PDF – engineering specs for the new warp plasma manifolds. Down in sickbay, Doctor Crusher's examining Q-ray medical scans and passing the tablet to her patient while she explains her diagnosis. And meantime, over in her quarters, Counselor Troi's busy flipping through photos of alien races, using her "empathic abilities" to predict their intentions.

So OK; I wouldn't bet on the real 24th Century looking like this (and given the uniforms, I pray it doesn't). But Box is doing something very important right now – we're using today's cutting-edge technology to give folks like me a little taste of the future.

Sound appealing? Here's what you can do with the new-and-improved Box for iPad:

  • View files directly from your iPad
  • Share files easily with a link
  • Save files to your tablet for offline access
  • Open files in other apps installed on your iPad, like Documents to Go and GoodReader
  • Secure content with a four-digit passcode and set the app to log out when closed
  • Project files from Box to a TV, LCD monitor or projector via VGA Out
  • Wirelessly print to AirPrint-enabled printers
  • Wirelessly stream Box content to an Apple TV for effortless projection of photos, videos, presentations and more

Oh, and don't forget that using your iPad can net you 50 GB of storage and a 100 MB upload limit – on the house.

So how ‘bout it? Ready for beam-up? Download it now.

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