Why Businesses are Excited about Box+Chatter

[box]Enterasys, a division of Siemens Enterprise Communications which focuses on network infrastructure, uses Box and Chatter to manage their globally-dispersed team. Read our short interview with Benjamin Doyle, Director of I.T. Applications at Enterasys, to hear why he's thrilled about our new integration.[/box] How does your team use Box?

Enterasys uses Box to facilitate file sharing and collaboration for our Global Sales team. Our sales team is mobile, and they depend on Box to give them access to files on all of their devices both on-line and off-line. We have two specific use cases: 1) Global Sales Enablement - which is a centrally managed folder structure that has up-to-date sales content at all times, and 2) Field Community - which is a collaborative folder for the Sales and Sales Engineering to share relevant content with each other.

Did Box replace any existing solutions you had?

Box has allowed us to extend our use of Microsoft SharePoint, and we are also taking advantage of the Box to Salesforce.com Chatter integration. We also leverage Box's Google Docs integration to help manage our Google Docs files.

How does your team use Chatter?

Enterasys is an extensive user of Chatter; our entire company of more than 1100 employees uses Chatter to collaborate, and we have 93 Chatter groups that we use in a variety of ways. We have groups for product lines, sales teams and even Chatter groups that have been extended to customers. Chatter is at the core of our Enterprise collaboration strategy and we love it.

How do you think you'll use the Box+Chatter integration?

As users move more and more content to Box, they'll be sharing that content by posting it to Chatter. There are a number of significant benefits of the integration: For example, it allows us to tie our file sharing platform (Box) with our enterprise social platform (Chatter) in a way that will unlock tremendous value within our organization.

[box]Interested in making your company more collaborative with Box and Chatter? Read more about the integration here and start using it today.[/box]