Why Box is Giving iOS Users Massive Amounts of Free Cloud Storage

Mobility is catalyzing a massive shift in power in the technology world. The rampant adoption of a new set of devices – iPhones, iPads, Androids – within today’s organizations is in turn sending shockwaves through the enterprise software landscape.

Looking across the traditional enterprise technology stack, we see a tremendous number of systems that are locked on premise, offering little value in a world that is increasingly mobile, social, and collaborative. And when it comes to sharing and managing our content, we’re nearing a breaking point. Today’s organizations are creating more data than ever before, need to share that information broadly yet securely, and have to support a growing diversity of mobile devices.

The enterprise giants who own today’s technology stack certainly don’t have the answer to this problem. Microsoft can’t meaningfully support iOS and Android without neutralizing the only advantage its proprietary mobile platform has to offer. And IBM, Oracle, and other leaders are still very much wedded to the client-server paradigm, for all the noise they’ve been making about the cloud.

Apple, on the other hand, gets mobility it a huge way. But it’s just not an enterprise-oriented company. In fact, Steve Jobs has made this point pretty clearly over the years. And iCloud is no exception. It is designed to help consumers seamlessly synchronize information across Apple-built devices and platforms, but falls (intentionally) short of solving the enterprise problem of cross-platform and cross-boundary sharing.

Will iCloud be a hit?  Absolutely. Will it make sense for the enterprise as a collaboration and cloud content management solution?  Probably not, or at least not at first.

With the announcement of iOS 5 and iPhone 4S, we immediately got to work on making Box for iPhone and iPad even more compelling.  Our iOS development team has tripled in the last year and we have a bunch of exciting updates in the works. Starting today, you’ll be able to enable AirPlay Mirroring from Box on the new iPhone 4GS, with other cool features coming in the next few weeks.

Analysts estimate that Apple will ship over 60 million iPhones and 30 million iPads this year alone, and many of these devices will make their way into the workplace, sanctioned or otherwise. But with iCloud focused on solving consumers’ synchronization challenge, how do we address the productivity and collaboration needs of mobile workers?

In fact, we’re so excited about the new iPhone and operating system, that we’re giving all iOS users 50GB of free space. Users just download the new version of our app or update their existing app to get their 50GB. The promotion lasts 50 days, but the free cloud storage lasts the lifetime of the account.  We hope you’ll see how powerful it is to have all of your critical business content available, at your fingertips, anytime and anywhere - and without ever having to worry about storage limitations.

All of our focus, determination, and efforts go into building the simplest, yet most scalable solution for sharing, managing, and accessing content from anywhere.  And we do mean anywhere.  In addition to our continued iOS offerings, we’ve launched all new versions of our Android app, released for the Android Tablet as well as an HTML5 version of our mobile web app, leading Forrester to name us #1 in mobile collaboration.  And we’re still not done.

As I promised back in June, Box is laser-focused on supporting businesses by combining storage and sharing with the efficiencies of the cloud. We’re enabling organizations to manage and share their information across various platforms, securely, and with extreme ease.

This is the future of enterprise mobility. We’re insanely excited to be a part of the revolution.  Thank you again, Steve!