Temboo: APIs The Easy Way

This post comes from Cormac Driver, Head of Product at Temboo, which is now featured in the new Third Party Developer Tools section of our documentation.

What we love about being a software developer today: access to most services and data is free. The sky’s the limit! But what we really don’t love is that all those free APIs work in frustratingly different ways, and it’s those differences that stop our app dreams from becoming realities.

The Problem With APIs

It’s headache-inducing for developers to figure out how to authenticate, make calls, parse responses and manage credentials every time we want to try a new API. We know companies make lots of decisions when they open up their platform and data to the world, and those choices about protocols, formats, authentication, etc. mean that every API ends up being different. This lack of consistency means developers are less productive and less willing to explore the mass of exciting data available today.

Allow Us To Introduce Ourselves

We at Temboo make APIs simple for developers. We take care of all the frustrating aspects like navigating the OAuth process, managing credentials, understanding errors and finding the right documentation. Our collection of 1500+ ready-to-run programming processes called Choreos perform specific development tasks for 100+ APIs, databases, and more. What Amazon does for compute, we do for data-oriented code: put it in the cloud and make it runnable on demand. And we do all of this in such a way that you needn’t change a thing: you can use Temboo with the languages, tools and formats that you know and love.

The Workhorses: The Choreo Library & Temboo SDKs

Here’s how you can put us to work: the Choreo Library is available via our website, as are our SDKs and REST API. Try out Choreos on the web and retrieve live API data. Copy the associated Temboo SDK source code that we generate for you and drop it into your IDE. Et voilà, building apps with Temboo is actually just that easy.

Our SDKs, available for Java, iOS, PHP, Python, Ruby and Node.js., let you integrate Choreos into your code. Our Java SDK is also available in exploded form, making it an awesome new tool for Android developers. We use a uniform syntax to talk to all data sources, so you can work with Box, Bitly, Facebook and FedSpending using a single approach (for an illustration, see the image below). That means Python code for searching Box, auto-generated via our website, looks and feels the same as code for searching YouTube.

Get Started With Temboo

To get started building data-driven apps the easy way, sign up for a free Temboo account now. Spend less time wrestling API specifics and more time building your next great app.