#TBT: Scooters of Box

Walk around the Box office and you'll probably encounter a few Boxers whizzing past you on scooters. Nowadays, we use them to travel between meetings, to the snack room, to find our colleagues. The use of scooters at Box proliferated in late 2011, when we expanded into a second office space on Portage Avenue in Palo Alto. The two offices were separated by a few hundred yards of parking lot. We used the scooters as a fast and convenient mode of transportation to pick up our lunches and soon our scooter collection grew. Riding a scooter pretty much requires streamers, so I began decorating them. Here are some of my favorites and the stories behind them. Check out more on the Box Facebook page.

This scooter evolved in a couple phases.  I had been making cat scratching posts from sisal rope and I thought it would be funny to have a scooter as a scratching post.  Then on a trip to Michael's I saw the balsa bird house and styrofoam birds, and it came together in my head.  The main challenge was working nylon wire ties through the hole in the bird house to attach it.

I found these carp wind socks at Daiso for $1.50.  They were each mounted on a plastic stick which I discarded.  No real installation work for these, I just slid them over the controls.  To me they evoke the Dr Seuss book, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish.

The shark was part of an animatronic toy which I found in a neighborhood trash bin near my house.  It didn't work so I extracted it from the board it was mounted on, removed the motor, stuffed it with bubble wrap, and attached it to a scooter with duct tape.

I like putting dolls and toys on scooters to give them some personality.  I found several Justin Bieber teddy bears on sale at Target and attached them to scooters.  I cut little slots in the fabric of the bear and ran nylon wire ties through them.  The red fabric on the steering column is a belt from a satin robe, cut into pieces.  No hemming required.

I happened to be in Marshall's one day, and I saw they had this princess dress designed for a 6 month old baby.  A few aisles away I found the large pink squeaky dog toy, and it seemed like a funny combination.  The toy doesn't have the proportions of a baby so I had to do a bit of tailoring to shorten the straps.

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