Taking Apps to the Next Level with the Box Platform

Besides being a powerful application for managing and sharing your content, Box is also a platform that allows any developer to build powerful integrations and applications. All the cool things you can do on our website can be extended into other apps through our API, which is just a fancy term for a set of programming tools. I bet you’re already familiar with some of the applications that use the Box API, like Google Docs, Netsuite and Salesforce. Some developers even take this a step further by building entire applications on top of Box.

We recently ran a developer challenge with our friends at Twilio, who produce an API for developers to make and receive phone calls and text messages from their web applications. Developers had just two weeks to wow us with an app that used both the Twilio and the Box Platform. What was at stake?  A MacBook Air, a full pass to the Twilio Conference, a Parrot AR Drone (seriously awesome) and other great prizes.

Needless to say, we (and others) were blown away by what developers were able to build. Here are a couple of the highlights:

TheInterviewr schedules and records your interviews

A lifesaver app for journalists, recruiters and anyone who conducts interviews on a daily basis,  Roger Stringer’s TheInterviewr let's you schedule an interview and will call you at the appropriate time, then call the person you are interviewing and connect you hassle-free, at no cost. The app also records the call automatically and saves the recording, along with any notes or documents you had, directly to Box. This is all maintained in an easy-to-navigate interface, keeping all your interviews organized for easy reference later.

Creator Roger Stringer (who I interviewed with TheInterviewr) says that he’s been involved with the media industry for years.Surprisingly, people still resort to archaic methods such as plugging in tape recorders to telephones, taking disjointed notes on resumes, and storing things across multiple computers, notepads etc., and TheInterviewr aims to be your one-stop app for solving all of these problems.

VentureBox Assist lets you securely manage and share all your client information in a single interface

Geared to help professional services firms communicate and collaborate in a client-centric fashion, VentureBox leverages Box's document sharing features along with Twilio Client and SMS to easily swap client info within your team and make it simple to communicate with customers.

The project began its life as a internal tool by VentureBox, a web development outfit in Lake Forest, California now specializing in products that make client service simpler.  After customers started hearing of the power of their implementation, team member Brian Pope said the team started to focus on turning it into an external product. "Between SMS, phone, and VOIP, teams can share information and communicate in ways that just weren’t possible before. When you layer that on a device-independent workspace that includes shared client information, files, and history, you have an incredibly rich solution to client service management."

Looking to take your app to the next level?

Getting started with the Box Platform is quick and easy. Just head over to our developer site to register and start hacking together your next great idea.