Simplify Attachments with Box for Outlook

Do you love Box but still find yourself sending email attachments from time to time? If so, read on. Today's announcement is yet another example of how Box is making email attachments a thing of the past.

Today, we're launching Box for Outlook exclusively for Box Business and Enterprise customers. A free download, Box for Outlook will streamline your workflow by giving you the power and flexibility of Box without leaving Microsoft Outlook.

With Box for Outlook, inserting a Box shared link from Outlook is just as easy as attaching a file. You can share files already stored on Box, upload and share files stored on your computer, or have Outlook automatically convert outgoing attachments to Box shared links - all without leaving Outlook's new message window. In addition, your IT administrator will give you a high five for no longer clogging up their Microsoft Exchange bandwidth and storage.

For those of you who participated in our Beta, we have continued to listen to your feedback, and we think you will be excited by the improvements in the product. Not only have we made various stability fixes, but we added support for 64 bit Outlook and auto-update, so you will be notified as new versions are released.

Interested? Check out the video below or download the add-on here.